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  How Do Online Reviews Affect the Healthcare Industry?


Since the world went digital, all job industries have been affected one way or another. From being forced to go almost completely digital (think the newspaper industry) to being able to sell products online, all business owners are now having to think through their service with a new lens. The same goes for the healthcare industry, which is being affected in surprising ways that are changing how customers choose doctors and physicians.

Here are the big ways online reviews are affecting the healthcare industry.


Online reviews have the ability to make or break a doctor’s reputation. No matter the quality of service, if a customer feels unwelcome or not considered, they have the power to write a bad online review to discuss their feelings. They can recommend fellow patients stay away from certain medical professional and recommend the ones that they would return to.

In these online forums, checking the validity of the reviews is near-impossible. Even if a negative review is false, other viewers have no way of knowing. Of course, most people go on the internet and take what they read there with a grain of salt, but the impression still sticks. Online reviews affect how people view doctors and healthcare providers and can determine whether or not they walk into the office.


Reviews are also an increasingly popular way to determine the types of services offered by doctors and healthcare providers. In this way, customers prefer seeing real-life accounts of what the professional offered other people, rather than rely on a website created by that professional. This is another aspect that reviewers can fabricate. They can make up services that they receive or falsify their experience and claim they did not receive the service which they, in fact, received.

In this way, reviews are driving people to choose which healthcare provider or doctor has offered other people the services they are looking for.

Constructive Criticism

Online reviews are a good place for healthcare providers and doctors to evaluate their practice and what they could improve on. Of course, negative reviews could be negative without any constructive criticism—they could be made up, or they could be inaccurate. But, no company is perfect, and there is always room for growth.

If practitioners take these reviews and work to implement them into their business practices, the reviewers will see that the professional is listening to them and is capable of change. This makes them more likely to return.

After reading the review, determining what needs to be changed, and actually taking action, write a response to the review. This way, the reviewer knows that their words were heard, and they didn’t simply shout into the void.


Online reviewers always end up discussing pricing, which could make or break a business. They will talk about how the price compared to the service they received and whether or not it was worth it in the end. It’s important to give the potential reviewers the most efficient care for their money; otherwise, they will let the internet know that they were ripped off.

Of course, it’s important to clear up any misunderstanding in this sense as well.

The internet has changed the way people are choosing healthcare services. It’s a messy way of assessing professionals, but many people rely on online reviews. In order to stay ahead of the game, healthcare professionals must follow the trends of reviews and respond actively.

How to Stay Ahead in the Healthcare Industry

Healthcare professionals’ study for years to hone their craft and rely on their credentials to prove credibility, but the internet is changing what constitutes a good doctor. Now that everything is digital, trying to navigate the web and make businesses stand out can be a challenge. What can healthcare professionals do to get with the technology game?

Through services like,, SEO companies help push healthcare businesses ahead of their competition.  Third-party companies allow doctors and physicians to focus on caring for their patients as effectively and well as possible, instead of having to worry about advertising and reviews online.


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