How Honeyfund Can Help You Have Your Dream Wedding


Everyone has their idea of the perfect wedding. To some it is the beach on an island, others want a rooftop garden in a modern city or some other people chose the stunning landscapes of North Ireland for the perfect venue. If you have ever visited the beautiful Great Smoky Mountains, it is easy to see why destination weddings grow in popularity here annually.

There are cities to visit, but the honeymoon begins in a beautiful mountain chalet. Imagine sharing wine in your private hot tub, overlooking the most beautiful mountains in this part of the world. The nights are so dark, the stars look like diamonds that you could reach up and touch.

Don’t think you can afford it? Let us tell you how you can!

Not too many years ago, it was not uncommon for a couple to get married right out of high school. Some people went off to college, but most got a local job and started. Almost no one left home and got their own place. So when these teenagers were ready to leave mom and dad, they had nothing to start life with. This is what spawned the traditional wedding gifts of toasters, towels, and dishes.

Skip ahead a few years, men and women decided to go to college. People decided to live a little before getting married. So when the time came to move in together, nobody needed a toaster.

What is Honeyfund?

When the couples of yesteryear were getting married, they would travel to a couple of stores and register for the things they needed. They would like dishes, sheets, towels, and maybe a few things that were a bit more costly.

Then their friends and family would go to the same stores, buy something off the list and it would come off the registry. To be honest, nothing about this system was very fun.

Since the new generation didn’t need those things, a new registry evolved. The gifts listed were for things that were a lot more fun. Maybe it was a night in a honeymoon suite, a night sleeping on a cruise ship. The gifts were for people to “pitch in” and let them have the honeymoon of their dreams. Trips to the mountains, a week at the ocean, dinner is a 5-star restaurant in New York City. Maybe, they just want help buying a special Destination Wedding Dresses | Beach Bridal Gowns – Azazie. You can skip the salad forks and give her something she will never forget.

There were open lines where the gift-giver could offer suggestions. Maybe there were couples massage, trips to the islands, or hot air balloon rides over Colorado.

Honeyfund let people dream again. If you could go anywhere, and  you could try anything, where would your go? We would you try?

How hard is it?

You can turn on any computer, fire up any smart phone, and use a credit or debit card and you would be done. The couple would be notified that you sent the gift. There are NO charges to you or them.

Maybe the gift you want to give costs $200 but your budget is $50? That is fine. Place your money where you want to and it will be added to money others sent in. At the end, the couple decides what they want to do if they didn’t collect quite enough for that activity.

It just doesn’t get any easier than this. The couple has a wonderful time, and you don’t even have to change out of your pajamas to do the shopping.

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