If you’re new to the world of auto mechanics or if you’re trying to save some money on a repair, you may wonder if the fan shroud is really that necessary.  It may seem like it’s only there for looks and safety, but this is a misconception.  Before removing the fan shroud or deciding not to repair or replace it, consider the overall impact of running your vehicle without a fan shroud. 

Fan Shroud Made Simple

The fan shroud in an important part of your vehicle’s cooling system, so you do need one.  Fan shrouds are generally plastic or metal, such as aluminum that is on the back of the radiator and usually covers the entire fan.  The cooling fan blades work to draw in low-temperature air, and the fan shroud’s job is to direct that air to the radiator’s core.  By helping airflow into the engine compartment, the fan shroud also helps remove excess heat from the engine and helps prevent the recirculation of heated air into the cooling fan. 

Without the fan shroud, the airflow would be inefficient, and you will likely experience cooling problems.  It is especially important when you’re stopped in traffic because the fan shroud directs the fan to pull low-temperature air through the radiator to help it cool.  It is also in place to contribute to overall safety from an exposed fan.

Engine Modifications

If you run into space problems due to installing a significantly larger engine, you might be tempted to remove the fan shroud.  A better solution is to have an aluminum fan shroud custom made for the limited space or find one that you can purchase to fit your needs.  It will aid in avoiding overheating problems that can cause damage.  If you’ve spent the money to upgrade your engine, don’t skimp on the fan shroud.

Reasons to Use an Aluminum Fan Shroud

Fan shrouds come in plastic and aluminum, and both can work, but there are benefits to using aluminum for the fan shroud on your vehicle.  Aluminum is a lightweight metal that is more flexible than molded plastic, and it has a high tensile strength.  It is stronger than plastic, helps dissipate heat, and is durable.  An aluminum fan shroud can withstand the drastic temperature changes caused by the outdoor weather conditions and the internal automobile engine change.  Environmentally, aluminum is the greener product because it is found in the earth’s crust and it is easier to recycle.

The Verdict

The fan shroud is necessary, so forget ideas of ditching it.  If you have customized your engine, an aluminum fan shroud can easily be modified and customized to your engine compartment space needs.