How Regularly Do You Service Your Car?


Do you service your car when you see thick cloudy smoke coming from your exhaust? Is it the funny, cranky sound that your engine makes, or do you do it when preparing to go on a long-distance journey? Do you go in for servicing too many times a year? Bloomington Car Dealers assures you that you do not have to.

When to service

These days, many vehicles are fitted with a pop light on the dashboard that helps to remind you when your car is due for servicing. However, others may be a few years old and do not have these features. The easiest way to know how often to service your car is to inspect the owner’s manual. A section in the rear of the manual or in a separate book that lists the service intervals and the operations carried out at each. If you do not have access to your vehicle’s logbook, then the rule of thumb is that car servicing should be done every 10,000km or every 6 months, whichever comes first.

Bloomington Car Dealers warn that other factors besides mileage count. Your car contains fluids that need regular changing to avoid moisture building up. Failing to change your oil may also cause the passageways inside the engine to block with carbon deposits, besides increasing wear on the engine’s internal components. Engine oils today contain cleaning agents to help keep the inside of the engine in good condition, but this ability deteriorates with use. Moisture in the brake fluid reduces its performance and Bloomington Car Dealers recommend flushing the entire braking system every 2 years, whichever distance covered.

Adverse Operating Conditions

In the vehicle servicing section, you may note a heading with the words ‘Adverse Operating Conditions’. This section speaks of practices such as continuous high-speed driving, towing a heavy load (for a heavy trailer), and continuous stop-starts driving (such as courier). They put stress on vehicle components and vehicles that run under these conditions require a more frequent maintenance to keep them running efficiently. The service interval for these vehicles is short, 3 months or every 5000 km. Make sure to replace all their fluids at least once a year.

Regular Servicing Will Save You Money

You can be sure that servicing your car every year, and minor maintenance between the services is money well spent. It is easier to catch problems early, and it becomes cheaper to fix them. Besides the car running on less fuel, the resale value will remain relatively high, and the car will have a longer life. For cars, whose warranty is yet to expire, before you make a claim on it, many dealers will first require seeing that the car has a complete service record.

As you work to maintain perfect inner conditions of your car, look out for your tires also.

Welcome to Bloomington Car Dealers for expert advice and fair-priced servicing for your car. Let us help you to keep you and your vehicle safe on the road.

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