It does not matter what you specialize in photography. With drone technology, it is now possible to take incredible wedding shots that will leave the newly married couple breathless. 

Drone photography allows you to climb to new heights in your career. Of course, you don’t want to be left behind with the technological breakthroughs in the photography space.

Today, the number of newlyweds utilizing drone photography is on the rise with aerial shots becoming de rigueur especially in Austin. Laws in Austin prohibit shooting down a drone and this has encouraged a massive adoption of quadcopters in photography in Austin. 

There are a wide variety of drones on the market today, which gives an average photographer a chance to upscale not only their photography services but also their drone wedding video production austin tx

Learn how to take these shots with the following tips:

Ascertain the Rules and Request Permission 


Before you begin any discussions with the clients about the shots, it is important to establish the UAV forecast. This will give you critical information as to whether you can fly your drone on the wedding date and at the wedding venue. 

Research online to understand which part of the space is off-limits. Also, be aware of the predicted weather on the wedding date. If the wedding event is taking place inside a restricted area, then you will have no choice but to take your photoshoot somewhere else. 

All Shots Must be in Raw Format

The reason for doing this is apparent. Shooting raw allows you more flexibility when editing the shots post-production. Consummate experts overseeing  drone wedding video production austin tx understand the importance of going raw. 

Firstly, you will have higher resolution photos. These high-res also allow more natural exposure as well as color optimization using apps like Photoshop without making the picture look unrealistic. 

Select Venues That Brings Out the Best in Drone Photography

Indoor wedding venue is not an ideal place for a drone shoot. Drone photography is all about aerial shots. This means using places with a vast expanse of land and unlimited ceiling space such as parks, islands, as well as church lawns.

City parks in Austin like Walnut Creek Metropolitan Park and the T.A. Brown School Park can be particularly beautiful for such shoots. However, bear in mind that Austin drone legislations don’t always allow for commercial drones over city parks. 

Once you select a venue that works well with your shot list, take the drone at different altitudes to determine which shots will bring out the best in your environment. 

Select a lower ISO

This is another tip you shouldn’t ignore when it comes to drone wedding photoshoots. It is common for drone cameras to have smaller than average sensors. Indeed, these sensors find it difficult to accept high ISO settings. 

Unless your brief involves night photography, it will not be difficult to get sufficient lighting, which renders a higher ISO setting unnecessary. 

Final thoughts 

Drone photography for weddings takes pictures to a whole new level. Always prepare to improvise because factors such as the weather may be beyond your control.