A top SEO agency will help you establish exactly what you want to achieve from your online presence. They will take this information and work out what they can do for you and how they can prove that they have done it. A good SEO will know where to go to target the specific groups you are after. You should see an increase in revenue as a result of their work, although this can take a few months depending on the strategies used.

They may use strategies such as free trials or free sign ups to get interest in your business. They will try to boost the good reviews of your business to the top of any internet search especially if there have been the odd bad review or comment, even if it wasn’t justified it is still there for potential customers to see and may discourage them from using your company.

You should avoid companies that just want more traffic for traffics sake, the only traffic that you want or need for your online presence is your target audience. People coming to your site who are the wrong demographic for your business might increase traffic, but it will do nothing for sales. Some agencies want to beat competitors by using a higher number of specific keywords or phrases, this leads to the writing being disjointed and not as coherent as the other content and this doesn’t increase revenue or interest in your business. Vanity metrics i.e. metrics that make you look good because you are the number one search again do not prove anything or necessarily increase business revenue by any significant value.

So, when you are considering which SEO company to use then you may want to find out their answers to these questions.

What process are you going to use to increase sales and interest in my business?

Why are you using those processes in particular? Does this link into my target audience?

How will you communicate and report your success to my business?

How often will you do this?

What do your metrics report on?

How do you match these metrics to my company’s goals?

What do you do when things aren’t working? You may also want to cover fees at this point.

Four sure signs that you are going with the right company is that you build a strong bond with the SEO providers. They understand you and your business, and you can talk freely and openly with them and get along with them, trust your gut instinct on this one. Another sure-fire winner is to check their online presence and reviews and ratings, this will also emphasise to you that this is one of the first things that we now do when choosing a new business provider. Speak to other companies that have used them. You also want to ensure that you are getting a fair price for your money, again check out other providers and charges but remember to way this up against success rates. It is no point choosing the cheapest if they do not deliver anything positive.