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How to Clean Wood Floors: Ultimate Guide with an infographic


Wooden floor looks very beautiful when you add it to your home décor. Now day’s wooden floor is trending and people love to decorate their bedroom and dining room with wooden floor. Not just by decorating your interior with all trending martial give a heavenly look, you have to maintain it well daily to sustain its looks and feel. If you have installed wooden floor then you need to take proper care and if not those floors will gradually lose their temper. Best way to clean wood floors is through regular cleaning and washing. It is not recommended to use any type of acid to clean your floors as you have the best and long lasting result by clean wood floors naturally. If you have installed wooden floors in your home and won’t have an idea how to take care of it then follow this content as I am going to tell you all how to clean wood floors naturally.

To clean wood floors you need a vacuum cleaner, natural wood floor cleaning product, Vinegar and water. Cleaning starts with moping the whole space by using a vacuum cleaner. Through moping by a vacuum cleaner, all types of dust particles from every corner of your floor can be easily moved out. After you have cleaned all dust from the floor you need to wash your floor with natural wood floor cleaner which is available in the market both online and offline. Procedure to wash by cleaner is same for all types of brands and products. You need to just dip your cleaning sponge in the solution and wash every corner and surface of the floor.

If you want to clean wood floors naturally then you can use Vinegar instead of any wood floor clean product. It is very easy to create a wood floor cleaner with vinegar.  First of take sufficient amount of water in a bowl and boil it for few minutes and then put some vinegar on it and keeps the solution to get cool. Now dip your cleaning sponge in it and wipe the floor with this sponge.

To clean laminate wood floors you need to have a vacuum cleaner, rubbing alcohol, distilled water and white vinegar. Steps are a little bit same as that of normal wooden floors. First of all mop every corner and surface of the wood floor by a vacuum cleaner. Now made a solution of vinegar, distilled water and rubbing alcohol. After you have made the solution dip a sponge and wash the floor. You need to keep in mind that no additional water present in the floor as water can damage limitation of your floors.

Wooden floors are a great choice to make your room beautiful. As you have done good investment on it you need to take care of it regularly. Clean and keep your floor dry as much as possible to keep its glow and temper for a long time. So you all now might have understood how to clean your wood floors naturally and easily.

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