Curtains are known for their significant role in making the cosmetic appearance of your home more beautiful. Whether it is Singapore or elsewhere their role is that important. Did you know that curtains protect your home interior from the harmful effect of sunshine, dirt, insect pests and so on? All this leads the curtains to accumulate dirt and look shabby. Quality curtain cleaning will restore the shine of the fabric. You need to choose a service provider that offers quality service consistently, at reasonable prices. We’ll discuss here how to clean your curtain like a pro.

There are many curtain cleaning services available in Singapore. They use diverse cleaning methods depending on the type of fabric, suitability, and budget.

You need to choose one that suits your budget, time, and the type of fabric that needs to be cleaned and other parameters that you will have to consider.

You can clean curtains like a professional if you have the necessary knowledge and expertise. Curtain cleaning can be done thus:

Read the cleaning instruction on the label

Curtains are made of a delicate fabric, and therefore need to be treated with extreme caution. Reading the label will let you know how to wash the curtain. If you don’t fallow the guidelines you’re likely to damage the fabric and render it unusable. Thus, if the instruction is to wash the curtain by dry cleaning, do follow the instruction. This will protect the fabric from the damage that you’re likely to make if you washed.

Cleaning by hand-wash

For curtains of the delicate fabric, hand washing is better than any other method. This will help prevent shrinkage or similar damage to the curtains. Laundry detergent or normal soap water is recommended. Create rich water in a basin. Now soak the curtain in the later. Check for instruction on temperature.

Use vacuum cleaner

To get rid of the dust from the curtains, you can use the dusting part on the vacuum cleaner. Vacuuming is likely to get rid of the dirt and loosen the particles from the fabric. This will make it easy to clean the fabric. You can use a piece of wet cloth to clean the curtain buy wiping out the dust particles.

Ask the professionals visit your home

You can choose a quality cleaning service in Singapore offering to come to your home. The professionals come to your home, clean the curtains by hand wash or machine wash. Or, they may take them to the dry cleaners and bring back to your place.

However, if the curtain is thick, hand washing is not good because the fabric will absorb water and well and make drying a hard.

Even when you hand-wash the light curtains, it is important to take care of not only the quality of the fabric but also the way you execute it.

Using steam cleaning

Steam cleaning is easy and ideal for heavy curtains. Use the right steam cleaner with an upholstery attachment. Start from the top and move down slowly. Check if the curtain becomes wet. If so, keep the steam cleaner away. This will prevent water stain.

Steam cleaning can be handled only by professionals. You can hire professionals or the purpose.

Take care of curtain rings as well

While cleaning curtains it is also important to wash the curtain rings.

If the rings look rusty, they may be treated with vinegar. By this, the rings will get the shining that they had before.

To clean the curtain rods, you can use soap, which is likely to restore the shining.

A note of caution

While it’s extremely important and essential to clean curtains, it is equally important to choose the right grade cleansing detergent for the purpose. The thumb rule is to use gentle detergents – they are the best option.

If you’re using a new detergent, first look for its suitability. Mix a little amount of the detergent with a small amount of water apply it on a small area on the fabric. If discoloration happens, you should skip the detergent. You should try a better detergent.


In Singapore, curtain cleaning could be a challenge given day-to-day busy life. You may not have enough time to do the cleaning. The best thing under the circumstance is to hire a quality curtain cleaning service. Look for quality cleaning service online. You could also take the help of word of mouth. Choosing an experienced and quality service will help do the job with ease, conveniences, and the economy.