How to Cure Insomnia the Natural Way


Millions of people in the world suffer from a sleep disorder known as insomnia. People who suffer from this condition feel frustrated because of a lack of sleep. Medical experts recommend that adults should get at least seven to eight hours of sleep every day so they could function at their best

A good night’s sleep is essential to enable one to develop one’s self in a complete and holistic manner. Good sleep is often related to better health, higher productivity at work and healthy personal relationships. Happiness, has in many scientific studies, been linked to good sleep. 

Abnormal sleeping patterns can cause many stress and health problems in the end. In addition, it can affect your cognitive skills and quality of life, which you do not want to happen. Insomnia is a serious health issue. More than 30% of the US population suffers from Insomnia according to data released by the University of Pennsylvania. 

In this article, we will help our readers with some important insomnia related information. We will also be looking at some ways in which everyone can cure their insomnia. 

Take charge of your problem and beat insomnia with the following tips.

  1. Stick to a regular sleeping routine

Despite your busy schedule, you should do something to make sure that your body follows a strict sleeping schedule. Sleeping and rising at the same time, every day will help you obtain a regular sleeping pattern. You should also avoid taking short naps during the daytime until late afternoon, so you will not have a hard time sleeping at night.

Adjusting the body clock according to a defined schedule will help you normalise your sleep patterns. Anything that you do in a routine, the body recognizes it as a habit and gets accustomed to it. This is why it is important to follow a definite routine for sleep. 

  1. Use essential oils and candles

Studies say that certain scents like lavender and vanilla can help you beat insomnia. You can buy a few bottles of essential oils and put some in a diffuser. Scented candles also have the same effect in improving sleep patterns.

Essential oils help in calming our sensory receptors. Notably, the senses of hearing, tasting, seeing, feeling and so on. This has a slowing down effect on the brain and the body. By being calm and not distracted, you can encourage better sleep activity. Most of the times insomnia is the result of our brain going into hyper-drive. This is why essential oils can help calm the brain down. 

  1. Take time to meditate

Practising meditation for thirty minutes a day three times a week helps improve your sleep. It eases tension and anxiety through various breathing exercises. Meditation also comes in the form of yoga, which you can attend in your local gym. If you need more encouragement and moral support, it is okay to bring some friends. Yoga classes could serve as your bonding activity as well.              

The fast life is something that is helping increase cases of insomnia. Work related stresses means that we have lost touch with our inner being. Meditation helps in reconnecting to our core. It also helps in soothing and calming down pain and pressure points within our bodies. Once you have started meditating, you will start feeling more relaxed and connected with your own self.   

  1. Increase your physical activity

If you are living a sedentary lifestyle and suffer from insomnia, one of the things that you can do is increase blood flow in your body by doing some exercise. Aside from improving your sleeping habits, a thirty-minute moderate exercise session can help you in many ways. It can give you more energy during the daytime, aid in weight loss and enhance your overall mood. 

If your body is not conditioned to exercise, you can start with brisk walking for thirty minutes daily. Increase its duration once you have built up your stamina. A tired body is more likely to fall asleep. It is simple. The more you exercise and tire yourself, the better will be the sleep that you will get. Sleep is body’s natural way of reconditioning and building itself back again. 

  1. Take a dose of magnesium supplement

Magnesium is a popular mineral that offers a long list of benefits. One of them is improving the quality of sleep of most patients who suffer from sleepless nights. Take a single dose of 500 milligrams of magnesium every day to promote relaxation of tired and painful muscles and to lower stress levels in the body. It is best to talk to your doctor about taking magnesium supplements.

  1. Organize your bedroom 

Lastly, you need to take time and examine your bedroom. If things are disorganized, you need to declutter as soon as possible. Adding additional storage such as a fitted wardrobe will help you organize stuff. Remember that having a messy bedroom can affect the quality of your sleep.   

Studies have shown that people who have organized furniture and neatly arranged rooms get more healthy sleep than ones who live and sleep in messy and haphazard places. Routine and decluttering helps in clearing the mind and prevents negative energies from building up. 


A regular sleep pattern is essential to achieve the complete goodness of human life. Once you start experiencing a normal sleep pattern, you will see how your mood will always stay uplifted. You will also see how your productivity at your workplace increases. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle has a great effect on both your personal as well as your professional life. 

People who suffer from insomnia have frequent mood swings, are more prone to attracting diseases and also affected negatively in a number of ways. Cases of insomnia have become so rampant in the United States that it has been termed as an epidemic. The problem might be serious, but if you are taking the necessary precautions, you can ensure that your sleep cycles and patterns are not affected. 

Do let us know about some of the tips and tricks that you use to counter insomnia in the comments section below. 


Mia Johnson
Mia Johnson is a writer with a ten-year long career in journalism. She has written extensively about health, fitness, and lifestyle. A native to Melbourne, she now lives in Sydney with her 3 dogs where she spends her days writing and taking care of her 900 square feet garden.

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