How to Find the Best 60CC Chainsaw 


The chainsaw is a very handy tool to cut trees and chop wood to any desired shape and form. That handiness comes from the fact that it is lightweight yet rugged for its size. The source of that power is the engine that is at its heart.

Chainsaw engines come in many sizes or displacements as they are called. The displacement depends on the task it is to be used for. The most common displacement category is the 60cc chainsaw. It does most of the cutting jobs without adding many compromises.

Getting the Best Cut

Within the 60cc chainsaw market, there is a bevy of options to choose from based on many features. Different manufacturers provide varied choices. The best chainsaw in this category can be bought after understanding your particular needs and detailing available in the market. 

Power Source

Gasoline/petrol engines mainly power chainsaws because it burns swiftly and cleanly. Since the exhaust is close to the user, and a filtration device can’t be fit inside the chainsaw, the latter aspect becomes significant to help the user and the environment. 

Some models can also be powered by Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) or Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG). Some kits allow for conversion to dual-fuel, where both types of fuels can be used. Electric ones are recently available, which are equivalent to 60cc engines and run on batteries or direct supply.

Safety Mechanisms

Working with a chainsaw is dangerous. The high-speed blade with sharp teeth running will cause serious or fatal injury if it makes contact with you or someone else around. Thus safety features are a must-have.

The best chainsaws have a cover, either metallic or plastic, covering the business end to prevent harm when not in use. They also don’t run the chain when the motor is started. Instead, a separate trigger or button is present, which connects the motor’s chain mechanism to run it. Some models allow for variation of speed as well for better control.


The 60cc chainsaw is recommended to be used for medium to heavy loads. It has guide bars, typically 18 inches long, for help and stability. 

It can handle cutting large trees very well. It also works well for cutting firewood. It must be used by professionals or experienced people only due to that high power.

Easy Maintenance

Gasoline and gas engines require regular maintenance, similar to cars. There can be a buildup of unwanted waste like carbonaceous residue in the piston chamber over time. This soot will hamper clean the burning and power production while causing greater wear and tear. 

The exhaust system will also suffer similar problems. Fuel could leak as well due to bad connection or broken tanks. With electric ones, battery degradation could be an issue, as well as any electronic problems. Good chainsaws are designed to be maintained well and perform longer with low maintenance due to quality material and construction.

Additional Features

The latest models have automatic oiling of the chain, lubricating the bar and chain by itself. A side-mounted chain tightening system is available to tighten the chain with a knob or tool. Good ergonomics also helps to manage strain and stress. 

The best 60cc chainsaw will help you get the best wood cutting done safely, efficiently, and cost-effectively, with little to no emissions.  


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