How to Get Promo Codes for Your Rides?


When faced in harsh weather conditions and you can’t find a cab or unable to pay the inflated prices they come with, the good news is that there are other ways to make the ride-sharing service more affordable.

This article highlights ways you can get discounted rides so you won’t have to be stranded when you find yourself in such challenging conditions.

Get Free Promo Codes

Via, a ride sharing company similar to Uber and Lyft, is offering $10 Free Ride Credit with promo code promo code TRYVIA32  for new users.

Via also offers promo codes, and you would be lucky to get one. When booking your next ride, you just have to enter and receive credit for your new user promo code.

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Get Free Rides with Referrals

As an existing user, you can gain Via promo codes as a reward for referring new users to the service.

You can get your Via referring code under the Promotions feature of the mobile app or on Via website. You only have to invite your friends and family to sign up for you to enjoy this benefit.

Share a Ride with a New User

In case you’re searching for a ride with individual travelers who don’t have Via, have them download the application and activate the early on free ride promotion code. (Or request that he/she signs up using your unique referral code, as well.) That first ride credit has no restrictions on the number of travelers, so bounce in and exploit the discounted drive.





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