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How to get rid of wasps


Generally, keeping your backyard free from wasps and other stinging insects is not an easy task, particularly if you have seen a wasp nest hanging around. These insects love their homes so much and will always work tirelessly to protect their surroundings. To get rid of a single wasp nest, therefore, means putting up a heated fight and this is a very tricky and dangerous attempt. This is the primary reason you should consider working with a professional pest control company.

Know the wasps’ habits

It is important to be absolutely sure that you are trying to conquer wasps’ nest. Remember, hornets and yellow jackets also build nests, and once their activities are threatened, they can be fierce and very dangerous. It would be bad if you thought you put up a fight against a few wasps and potentially few wasp stings, only to realize that you disturbed a nest that belongs to a swam of fierce hornets, who sting recipeatedly and can attack you in mass numbers.

If you have been following the lifecycle of wasps, you already know that their colonies grow bigger and in terms of numbers as the summer progresses. Also, these stinging insects grow more aggressive and larger through the season. That means it is safer to eliminate unused, old wasp nests during the winter period or early spring months.

Getting rid of a wasp nest during the summer, according to experts, is more challenging. This is because of the massive colony growth during this period. Remember, wasps colonies during the summer majorly consists of the makes and the next year’s queen. Worker wasps are very protective of these two groups, a reason wasps tend to be more aggressive.

Understand your limits

Heights might not be safe: Some wasps tend to build their nests under leaves or even at the top of a porch ceiling. There is a good chance that you will not be able to eliminate the nest while standing on the ground. If you cannot balance on a ladder, consider hiring an expert.

Allergies to wasp stings: In case you are allergic to bee stings and wasp stings, you shouldn’t try to eliminate an occupied wasp nest. A single sting at the wrong time could be fatal.

Other allergies and sensitivities: Wasp sprays can work for a short period reprieve. However, most people never read the product label carefully. The spray may contain chemicals that you may be allergic. In such instances, t is better to let someone else handle the task.

Contact the vest control vendors

If you find vests at your home and understand the hhabits to contact some vector control service providers. The best way to find one is through an internet search in your area so that you may get assistance to of the experts.

Mostly it’s better to call professional experts rather than the non-professionals. If you are unable to find any experts near you, you may find someone from a nearer distriexpert.s available to work for you.

Sometimes you may find the wasp nest in an awkward location which is harder for you to reach,  in such situations it becomes necessary to get the help of an expert .

Try to leave the nest alone

If the wasps’ nests aren’t so close to your home and they are also not going to cause any significant threat to you, it is then simpler to let it be alone especially when the wasps are of less dangerous species. Wasps are regarded as an important part of this ecosystem so you don’t need to kill them unless it is necessary.

Identify the type of nest

Before tackling the nest and asking for experts assistance,  you need to know the kind of wasps you have at your place. Knowing the kind of wasps is the most probably the best idea and the first step to get rid from them.

To identify the type of wasps you don’t just need to call an expert because anyone having knowledge about insects can identify the type for you.

Following mentioned are the key and most common types of wasps that you should know about.

  • Paper wasps are long. They have longer bodies and their legs are also long as compared to other species of wasps.  Same like their body size, their nests are also large from where the combs of wasps are completely seen. These type of wasps are not harmful unless they are threatened. Once they sting, it can be highly dangerous and painful.
  • Yellow jackets have short legs and they have black thick antennae. They have paper look nests which are normally found in spaces between walls and ceilings and even in ground.  They attack in swarms being very aggressive and dangerous, they sting multiple times at once.
  • Hornets are the social wasps which have the largest structures. They are normally found in North America and their identification mark is white marks on their thorax and heads. Some hornets also have orange markings with white. Their paper nests are normally present in tree trunks and cavities in ground and walls.

Wear protective clothes

When you know that there are wasps nests nearby, try to wear safe clothing. Especially when you are in an attempt to get rid of wasps nests, its important to wear safe clothing so that they can’t sting you. A wasp sting could be dangerous so you need to take care.

  • Wear long sleeved shirt, with long jeans, boots, socks, a thick sweater covering your head. Must wear gloves.
  • Try to cover the lower half of face with help of a scarf and wear protective goggles as well.

Get to know the best methods

Specific times of the day may be better when it comes to wasp nest removal. Studies suggest that wasps settle down at dusk and are less active during the night. But they can react to light. That means you should be very cautious when using a flashlight while removing a wasp nest at night. Click here for more information on wasp control practices.


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