There’s much to see, appreciate, and do in Chicago, and as a result, quite a few individuals set aside some time and cash to visit “The Windy City.” Moreover, since The Blues Brothers showcased Chicago’s outstanding sights and architecture, many films and television shows have been filmed in the city; a number of additional films and television shows are set to be filmed in Chicago in the near future.

Those who’re considering filming in Chicago would be wise to take a few easy and effective steps to assure that they get the most bang for their buck. For amateur and professional filmmakers alike, filming is all about maximizing quality and minimizing waste. The following tips are meant to help anyone who’s filming in the city—and, in turn, anyone who’s consulting the services of a Chicago film equipment rental company—so get the most from their rentals, both in terms of actual film and budget.

Let’s take a look!

Check the Forecast

Once film equipment is rented, the renter is on the hook for its rental cost—regardless of whether he or she actually uses this equipment.

Chicago (and Illinois as a whole) is occasionally subject to massive downpours, lake-effect snow storms, and gloomy, overcast skies. These and other weather conditions can disrupt and/or prevent filming. Consequently, it’s imperative that filmmakers plan ahead and rent their gear only when they’re certain that weather won’t negatively impact pre-set schedules.

Scout Locations Beforehand

Because it’s so multifaceted and diverse, Chicago presents filmmakers with no shortage of locations and backdrops to choose from. Hesitation and/or last-minute deliberation will reduce the quantity and quality of film and increase rental fees; locations should be scouted well before filming is set to begin, and they should definitely be scouted before equipment is rented.

It’s also strongly recommended that backup locations be established. The hustle and bustle of popular cities means that there’s always something going on, and in some situations, this something will harm footage. Parades, airshows, and more won’t be the end of the world, provided that secondary locations are set aside and ready to use if and when primary spots become unworkable.

Hire Local Talent

Chicago is stacked to the brim with talented actors. By hiring these individuals, filmmakers can further support the city, inject their work with additional “Chicagoness,” and, shrewdly, cut back on transportation costs and unexpected absences, the latter of which renders film equipment much more expensive to rent.

These tips are sure to help filmmakers get the most out of their time in Chicago. The city’s atmosphere and energy are magical, and when they’re successfully captured on film, they amplify the quality and appeal of the media at-hand.

Thanks for reading, and here’s to all that Chicago has to offer!