It’s common knowledge that employees who feel good about their jobs will work harder and stay with their companies for longer. Boosting employee morale isn’t just a matter of offering a few perks like free snacks or scheduling occasional employee retreats.

More often than not, it requires rethinking the company’s workplace culture and focusing on uncovering its employees’ hidden talents through increasing their job satisfaction. Read on to find out how to get started.

Learn How to Connect

Workers who are unhappy with their jobs usually feel underappreciated or lack a sense of purpose in their positions. Beneath that dissatisfaction, they’re still creative, passionate individuals, though. Companies like Liberationist can help business owners and managers find ways to connect with their employees and unlock their secret talents so they can put them to good use pursuing their career goals and helping their companies succeed.

Promote a Positive Work-Life Balance

Working too much fosters burnout, which leads to early resignations and high employee turnover. Try to encourage workers to maintain a positive work-life balance. There’s obviously nothing wrong with being committed to the job, but everyone needs to have a life outside of work, too.

Some companies promote a positive work-life balance by placing restrictions on when their workers can send company emails outside of business hours. Others offer flexible scheduling so that parents can drop their kids off at school before heading in to start their shifts.

Build Trust

Employee morale will hit a ceiling if the workers don’t trust the company’s leaders, which is why transparency and open communication are essential in modern workplaces. Employees should feel comfortable communicating openly with their team leaders and should feel that their input is valued. If they want to know why managers are making certain decisions, it makes more sense to explain the rationale to them than it does to brush off their concerns.

Use Public Recognition

One of the best, and conveniently also the least expensive, ways to show employees they are valued is to use public recognition to celebrate career achievements. Research shows that workers find public recognition from their peers and managers extremely motivating. In fact, 83% of respondents in one study said that they felt public recognition for their contributions was more rewarding than any other incentive.

Encourage Socializing Off the Clock

Offer teammates opportunities to interact outside the office. Try inviting the team to bring their families for a picnic, organize some lunchtime events, or even schedule a monthly happy hour. The point is to encourage communication between team members and make sure they can bond on a personal level, creating a more inclusive and motivating workplace culture when they’re on the clock.

Give Employees a Voice

Ask for employee feedback about company decisions and support employee-led initiatives. Workers who feel that their companies are prioritizing company profits over their own employees will be less satisfied with their workplaces, making them less likely to stick with the company or try their hardest while they’re there. Giving employees a voice boosts their morale and allows them to feel involved in the company’s success.

The Bottom Line

Improving workplace morale doesn’t have to be a chore. It can also improve managers’ morale and company profits. Those who feel overwhelmed shouldn’t hesitate to enlist the help of a third-party consultant who can identify potential problems and offer advice.