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How to Guide: Get Rid of Roaches in Your Kitchen


Preventing a cockroach infestation in your beloved kitchen requires proper planning and efficient cockroach control help. Do not falter to act on the situation immediately if you encounter roaches in your kitchen, since these pests bring a variety of health issues and diseases with them. 

Cockroaches and Your Health 

Roaches in the house and dining space can create havoc in your health if not treated on time. These unwelcomed pests trigger asthma and a variety of other allergies, in addition to carrying disease-causing parasitic worms and human pathogens. 

In order to save your kitchen from these bacteria-carrying roaches, keep your kitchen appliances clean. Additionally:

1. Regular emptying and cleaning of cabinets will ensure that the expired and rotten foods get cleaned out, and your cabinets remain safe

2. Storing leftovers in sealed containers will prevent it from getting in the reach of the roaches in the kitchen  

3. Limiting eating to the dining area helps avoid food crumbs from getting around in the house which could attract roaches

4. Cleaning the kitchen regularly before sleeping is crucial to ensure that there are no soiled dishes or food waste lying in the sink that could possibly lead to a roach infestation.

5. Floor cleaning should also be a routine activity to clear out dirt and any food spills from the house to assure proper roach control. 

6. Covering or emptying any of the pet food containers is also a great way to guarantee that nothing is lying around for the roaches. 

7. Cleaning and capping garbage cans is an effective way to get rid of roaches since these creatures thrive in dirty and unhygienic places.  

Effective ways to prevent cockroach infestation

Make sure to follow the below mentioned tips in order to prevent roach infestation. Along with this regular pest inspections are a must to keep common house pests like rodents, cockroaches and carpenter ants out of you house.

1. Promptly repair leaky faucets and pipe sweating since damp places are the number one choice of breeding grounds for roaches.

2. Ensure that there are no unattended holes in or around pipes or other wall fixtures for the roaches to dwell. Use copper mesh as a sealing agent to provide an infiltrating cover to these places. 

3. Cover up any gaps in your windows and doors by fitting them securely and accurately within their frames. That will help prevent harborage or entry for the roaches to slither in from outside.

4. Turn and rake the mulch to have at least a six inches gap between the structure which creates a dry zone, controlling roaches from crossing over the area and enter into the house while providing an ideal and efficient space for the application of insecticides.

5. If you use firewood for your fireplace or kitchen, ensure that it is stacked away from the structure. Roaches feast and can easily survive on wet or dry wood. Hence, if not taken care of properly, the wood stacks can breed roaches in your house.  

6. Invest in the readily available and effectively long-lasting insecticides to eliminate roaches that may be harbouring in your kitchen. These insecticide bags of dust when applied correctly to your walls, void the connecting pathways for the entry of roaches.  

7. For the most effective roach control solution, it is essential to spray a residual insecticide on the outer walls of your home every 60-90 days. These sprays work efficiently to form a protective layer on the surface from which roaches can’t enter, and it also kills these pests. 

8. Seek professional help in case the infestation situation gets too out of control. The trained individuals will provide a thorough pest control service which, while clearing out the existing roaches from your house, will also help prevent it for a long time in the future. 

Do not take the roach problem in your kitchen casually. Act promptly to avoid the additional troubles and hire reliable a pest control service provider to get rid of cockroaches. 

Raymond Web
When people find their homes and offices infested with pests, it is not uncommon for them to panic. Raymond Web has taken the task to educate people on pest prevention and control strategies helping them keep their surroundings healthy, safe and pest-free. Being the digital marketing manager for Take Care Termite and Pest Control, a top rated pest control service in Tracy, CA, he has an in-depth understanding of people and their pain points due to pests, which he uses in his content to educate.

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