How to hire a pest control marketing service? Check here!


Online marketing for your pest control company is not a choice anymore. Customers would rather check online for best-rated local exterminators than wait for references. At a time when your competitors are spending huge on marketing, you cannot expect to grow your pest control business without promoting online. For obvious reasons, it makes no sense to hire an in-house team, when an agency can get the job done for a lot less money. Finding the best agency for online marketing for pest control companies is easy, as long as you follow the tips below. 

  1. Start with work profile. The core aspects and strategies of online marketing may remain the same, but every niche is unique, and therefore, an agency should be able to offer specific solutions. When you talk to a service, find out if they have worked with pest control companies in particular. Ask for references and check their clientele, to know their experience better. 
  2. Ask for a website audit. If you already have a website for your pest control company, ask the agency to do a website audit. Sometimes, a website must be revamped, so that it becomes more marketing and SEO-friendly. Make sure that you talk to the agency about the audit, which is typically offered as a complementary side along with the quote. 
  3. Check the inclusions, not the price. Many local pest control companies often end up selecting the agency that offers the lowest price. When you ask for an online marketing plan, check what is included. For instance, a company may include PPC and SEO for a fixed budget per month, while others may just focus on SEO. The price is important for sure, but don’t be tempted to choose the cheapest quote. 
  4. Discuss the strategy. A professional pest control marketing company will never shy away from sharing an outline of their plan and strategy. You can expect the agency to give you a detailed overview of everything they will do for your website and local business. 
  5. Check reviews. As a smart client, you have to consider beyond what a marketing company claims. Aside from references, you also need to check if the agency has good reviews. If the agency has worked in your region, check the pest control companies they have worked with and find independent reviews on Google. 

When you hire a pest control marketing company, always think of long-term collaboration and not a quick fix. s

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