How to Improve Your Soccer Skills to Become a Pro


Soccer is the most-watched sport in the world. It’s intense, fun, and a complete team sport, but also equally competitive. To get better at it, you must never stop improving your skills. 

If you’re looking for some tips to improve your skills, you are at the right place. Irrespective of whether you’re a beginner or an amateur, you’re going to find these tips truly helpful.

First Touch Drills

One of the essential soccer skills every top player possesses is a good first touch. It’s so imperative that coaches will bench you if you don’t have a fine first touch.

By having an excellent first touch, you keep possession of the ball and improve the chances of scoring a goal. A lousy touch, on the other hand, will have you lose possession.

To improve this aspect in football, location of contact is important. Ideally, it should be in the middle of the inner foot. Keep the foot soft and relaxed so that the ball doesn’t ricochet. Experienced players receive the ball in their outer foot as well. As you get comfortable, you should start practicing with your outer foot too.

Dribble In and Out

Another critical skill set all soccer players must possess is dribbling skills. The most successful soccer stars are all exceptional dribblers. Take the example of Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, or Wayne Rooney. They’re all outstanding dribblers.

The best way to enhance your dribbling skills is to dribble in and out of the cones placed in a straight line. It’s something even the professionals do regularly.

To make the drill more challenging, you can arrange a “follow the leader” drill, wherein you follow the player’s moves in front of you.

Be Aware of Your Space (Spatial Awareness)

Spatial awareness is critical because you’ll be surrounded by your opponents all the time. Without knowing where your opponents and teammates are, you wouldn’t be able to move in the right direction. And by the time you look for your teammate, you’ll be displaced by an opponent.

To improve this skill, you should always stick to the team formation and plan. If you’re playing 1-2-4-3 and you’re the central striker, then you shouldn’t be coming too far back. Furthermore, it would be best to have a mental picture of the pitch as you’re playing the game.

Strengthen Your Core

With a stable core, you’ll become a better player. It will help you move around swiftly into the spaces. Core stability can also help you prevent injuries. So take up a few core strengthening and stability workouts at the earliest.

Shoot with the Right Technique

The technique is more important than power when shooting the ball. With the right technique, you’ll score more goals than you’d have scored otherwise. The essential points for a good technique are:

  • Lock your ankle with your toe down.
  • Hit the ball with your laces to generate maximum power.
  • Transfer your momentum to the kicking foot and land on the same foot.

As an advanced tip, you should generate power from your thigh and not your calves. So take a giant stride and pressurize your thigh muscles when shooting the ball.

Soccer is a team sport. Therefore, it’s essential to coordinate with your teammates. Without coordination, you’ll either get too ahead or will be left behind. With that said, practice religiously and opt for a proper diet for the best results.

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