There are a number of reasons someone might be dissatisfied with their current appetite. One common reason is they are psychologically under-eating, which can cause malnutrition. Another reason might be that they are going through a treatment that makes them nauseous and stifles their appetite, which is causing them to feel weaker. Another, perfectly valid reason why someone might want an increased appetite is to try and add mass, either as part of a fitness regimen or to achieve a healthier weight.

Whatever the reason, increasing one’s appetite can be tricky. A lack of appetite is not often a feeling that can just be willed away. Luckily, there are a few proven ways to – for lack of a better term – “trick your brain” and ensure you get the amount of food and nutrients your body needs. Here they are:


When you exercise and burn calories, your brain automatically sends signals to replenish those calories. That’s why you get so hungry after a long hike or a sports game. This might not be an immediate fix, however, since studies have shown that the effects of exercise on the appetite take a while to kick in – around a week, in many cases.

If your lack of appetite is proving to be a problem, if you are able to exercise but are not currently exercising, consider incorporating some daily physical activity into your routine. Even short runs can make a difference. Plus, after a long, hard workout, the food you do eat tastes that much better.


Cannabis has long been known to be an appetite stimulant. In fact, there are a whole litany of tropes and jokes about the “stoner” with the “munchies”. This is true, but rather than being the brunt of a joke, cannabis is taken very seriously by modern scientists and physicians as way of restoring appetite.

Cannabis releases the hormone ghrelin, which is responsible for that “empty stomach” feeling you get when you’re hungry. It also targets parts of the brain that derive pleasure in sensations, like taste and smell. Additionally, and of especial benefit to patients undergoing invasive treatments, it reduces nausea, which allows people to regain their appetites. For those whose lack of appetite causes them stress, taking edibles can be the best of both worlds: you get to experience the calming effects of cannabis infused cookies as you stimulate your appetite.

Nutrient-Dense Snacking

For some, the barrier to entry for eating is the sheer portion of food they feel they need to consume. No one says you have to have a whole stack of pancakes for breakfast, or a T-bone steak for dinner. Instead, snack on small, nutrient dense foods throughout the day – foods like nuts, seeds, berries, dried meats and fruit, etc.

Don’t suffer the side effects of a sustained lack of appetite. Reach your healthiest weight, live your healthiest life and ensure you get the calories your body deserves by trying one of these natural, powerful appetite tips.