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How To Know When You Need A New Roof?


Evidence that you need to get the roof replaced is sometimes subtle. The roof of your home ages slowly with time, and proper inspection is needed to identify some warning signs. If anyone waits for the ceiling to leak water or show discoloration, then you certainly have waited too long. The roof will start showing the damage itself inside the home, reminding you that you have missed the chance to replace the roof on time. 

A question might be striking your mind, how to know if you need a new roof or not? Here are some of the early signs of what the roof replacement experts at Cavalry Roofing look for when they are doing a roof inspection: 

Interior Roof Check

The first step should be to evaluate the condition of the roof from inside the house. Grab a flashlight with a bright beam and head up to the attic. Once you are all ready, look for these signs:


  • Dark Streaks and Stains


This one is easy to identify. Dark streaks or stains on the underside of the roof or along the walls from the roof base will tell you the condition of the roof. If you see any of these, then most probably, the roof is leaking, and moisture is damaging the structure of the house. 


  • Daylight Sneaking in Through the Roof Boards


Before turning the flashlight on, it is always wise to identify any streams of sunlight coming through the holes or cracks of the roof. If yes, then roof repair or roof replacement is needed immediately. 


  • Sagging Areas


As the water makes cardboard weak and soggy, in the same way, it can damage the structure of the roof. If there are any sagging areas, then use a broom or your hand to prod the sagging spot to know if it feels wet and soft or bends easily. This is the sign that moisture is damaging the roof slowly. 

Exterior Roof Inspection

After inspecting the roof from inside the house, you should take a look at it from the outside. Interior roof checks can only identify the damage that has already reached the interior of the roofing structure, while exterior inspection can be a great option to look for the early signs. 


  • Rotting


For asphalt roofs and shingles, rotting is quite a common issue. Look for any broken or missing tiles. Moss and mold are also early signs of the roof damage, and if identified in time, you can get them fixed without spending a lot of money. Though moss is considered to be an eye-sore for the roofs, you should clean it quickly. Just grab your garden house and spray on to the affected area forcefully.  


  • Decaying Shingles


Cracking and decaying are common to shingle roofs. Look for cracked, missing, or curling shingles. You can also look for particles of the shingles in your gutter, as it can usually clog the gutters.  


  • Damaged Chimneys


Roof flashing around the base of the chimney. Get cement or tar flashing as these are more vulnerable to usual water damage. 


  • Age of Roof


As a general rule of thumb, if your roof is more than 15 years old, then you should replace it soon. The life of a metal roof is a bit longer. 

Benefits of Hiring Professional Roofing Company for Inspection

It is essential to regularly inspect the roof and look for signs of damage. You can also hire professionals to inspect the roof regularly as they have the right tools, relevant experience, and skills to do it correctly. Some of them do it free for you too.

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