How to Know You Have a Spider Infestation in Your House


A lot of people freak out whenever they see spiders. If you are one of these people, the idea of having a spider infestation can be terrifying to you. So, how do you know your home is infested with spiders? When should you hire spider control services?

Although spiders can make your heart stop beating for a while, they are beneficial to the environment. These creatures serve as a natural pest control and a source of food for a lot of wildlife. But nobody wants to see many spiders taking up residence in homes. Sadly, they can find their way into your home through an open window or door, a foundational crack or hole, or a torn screen. To prevent spider population in your home, you should take your time observing first. if you can find more of them, consider contacting a pest control professional to address the problem. Below are signs of a spider infestation:

  • Finding many spiders. Your home may be infested with spiders if you see an increasing number of these creatures day by day. You may find a few of them in your house throughout the year, particularly in summer and winter. However, it’s not normal to find many spiders invading your living space hanging out in webs. Spiders tend to keep themselves out of sight. If you can find them in broad daylight, this could mean you have an issue to deal with.  
  • Finding egg sacs. Spiders lay their eggs in safe locations, so their young can survive. That is why you may not find spider egg sacs in obvious places. Rather, you can find them in the attic, basement, crawlspace, and garage. However, if an infestation is ongoing, these egg sacs can be found throughout your home. 
  • Noticing more webs. You might come across a few spider webs in your living space at any time of the year. But if you have to deal with more spider webs than normal, you may have a spider infestation. In addition, if you can see spiders hanging out on their webs no matter the time of day, then you may have a serious issue. Usually, spiders build webs throughout homes when no people can see them. But if you have an infestation, they may not be too worried about your presence and only focus on catching prey. 
  • Finding strange bites. If you have a spider infestation in your house, you may notice spiders crawling over you while you lie in bed. When spiders find your movements in bed threatening, they can bite you. 

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