Making a perfect burger is an art, but the process behind the cooking is pure science. You have seen the burgers cooked at a family gathering but never tried making them. But, you think making a burger cannot be that difficult; well, think again. Making a juicy burger is no child’s play, as it takes precision and skills to retain all the juice in the meat. Continue reading this article to learn the best possible way to make a homemade beef burger. 

80/20 Rule: While selecting the beef for the burger, you must keep the 80-20 rule in mind. The beef to fat ratio should be 80/20. This fat content makes the beef juicy. However, if you want to avoid fat, you can select ten percent fat content pieces. To make the meat more tender and juicy, use a meat tenderizer. There are different ways to tenderize beef, but the most common way is to use a tenderizer to beat the piece of meat until it is soft and juicy. Tenderizing will help the meat absorb all the spices better. 

Salt Before Cooking: Two of the most common ingredients for any burger are salt and pepper. If you prefer not to use any other spices, salt and pepper will do. At times, different spices overpower the classic taste of burger meat. Therefore, many people want to avoid using exotic spices in their beef burgers. However, do not apply salt to the meat in advance, as it can quickly dry up the meat. You may use the pepper for the meat in advance, but use the salt right before putting the meat on the skillet. You may even sprinkle the salt on top as the patty is being cooked. 

Butter And More Butter: A beef burger is incomplete without lots of butter. Of course, you need to add more fat to your burgers to make them juicy and fat. Start by adding a few tablespoons of butter to the skillet before putting the patty. And as the patty is cooked, add more butter. You may also add a few garlic cloves to the skillet to enhance the flavor of the butter. Do not squeeze the juice out of the patty as you cook the patty. Many people like to press the burgers, but they let out the juice on the skillet in doing so. If you let all the juices go to waste, you will have a very dry patty on your plate. 

Let The Burger Rest: Before serving the food, let the patty rest for five minutes. This process allows the juices to redistribute before one bites into them. Meanwhile, you may prepare the buns. Use the same skillet and add more butter to the pan. Now, add the buns to the skillet and lightly toast the buns to perfection. You may use barbecue sauce and your favorite toppings on your burger. An easy egg and onion rings are a few all-time classic toppings of the burger. You may also use mustard and pickles on your burgers.


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