How to Make a Successful Health and Wellness Blog


Health and wellness are favourite topics in the present day. That’s because obesity is becoming more and more widespread.

So, you have an idea or experience you want to share? Writing a blog post is the best way to express your thoughts and ideas.

But before drafting your blog post, consider all the relevant aspects of blogging and good blogging to be specific. With this, you’ll be able to determine whether it’s worth the effort your employ or not.

Health Blogging Niches

A niche is a narrow area of a specific more significant topic. Health blogging has some niches which include:

  • Healthy living food blogs
  • Diet/weight loss blogs
  • Running blogs
  • Fitness professional blogs
  • Training blogs among others.

Even with the variety of niches, there’s no clear division of niches. In most cases, the niches always overlap.

Nevertheless, some guidelines may help you identify the niche to stick to. We’ll help you make this decision.


  • Understand Why You Want to Write a Blog


Why are you writing your blog post? Maybe you have an experience you want to share. You may also write a blog content to share the knowledge you get from researching a topic. At times, money may be the motivation to create a health blog.

Knowing why you’re writing a blog is essential. It helps shape your writing style.


  • Adapting the Tone of Writing to Your Blog


This is a crucial skill for health or any blog. You need to know when to use either professional or friendly personal tone. But don’t worry; you can develop the technique by practising on different types of writing.

It’s better to have a pilot blog and promote it on social media to see how your readers react.


  • Determine the Niche to Write on


Once you determine the type of blog to write, define your niche. Defining your niche shapes your keyword and topic research. Remember, once you start writing, you must be up to date.

Let’s go through the process of defining your niche.


  • Start With a Broader Niche and Narrow it down


For instance, you want to write about healthy living. If you’re going to be specific, you can narrow it down healthy food, then maybe to a vegan diet.

Of course, if you know what to write about, this scheme will help you specify.

Investigate the Popularity of Various Niches

You want to create a blog on something that has a broader audience. You can use different tools like –Real Time Insights- from Google to see how people search for topics on the web, and the keywords they use.


  • Check for Demand and Supply Offer


You want to write a topic that people are searching about. But are they able to get the information you want on the web?

If the information is scarce, you may hit the jackpot. But that’s dependent on the quality of blog posts you write. The only way to achieve this is by undertaking a thorough research.


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