How to open a virtual card for free


The WestStein virtual card gives its customers a large number of opportunities today. This is a clear tool that is designed to make money transactions, wherever you are. All you need is internet access and some free time. Our consultants will be happy to tell you and help you open a virtual card online.

What you need to know to create a virtual card

You can get a virtual card for free in a short time. On our website, you need to fill out the appropriate form. In the registration form, after entering your data (last name and first name, registration address, e-mail and mobile phone number), verification is carried out, that is, confirmation of the phone number and e-mail. After this step, you immediately get access to your personal account. You have a virtual card that is linked to your account.

We recommend issuing a virtual card for both legal entities and individuals. Contactless payment by card for purchases or services is very popular in the modern world. Easily enter additional data in apps and online stores and manage subscription payments separately from other expenses. This is especially convenient for those who like to travel to different countries without worrying about where to withdraw cash to pay. Businesses also get the opportunity to make contactless payments with suppliers and partners.

Virtual card online in a few clicks

To create a virtual mastercard you will need internet access and some time. The virtual bank card is stored exclusively in digital form in your application. It works like a classic card, except it doesn’t take up space in your wallet. Each has its own card number, so you can use, block and unblock it independently of the others.

It’s ready to use quickly and appears right in your app. Create it in a few seconds, top up with the required amount in euros. Contactless payment in any store, hotel and more. You always have full control over your spending. You can set a daily limit. It doesn’t have an overdraft facility. Often it is used as the main one, especially in shopping. If you have any questions, our support team will answer all your questions.



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