How to Outsource Web Development Projects Successfully 


Outsourcing projects are a great way to secure the very best, global talent at a budget-friendly price. You’ll find that you have access to individuals with skills and experience at a rate that you would never be able to gain domestically. Web development is one of the most common projects that’s outsourced regularly, this is because there is a world of development talent out there just waiting to be invested in! All being said, there are right and wrong ways to outsource your web development projects. Always staying diligent and aware is a given, but there are a couple of ways to ensure that your project will run smoothly and efficiently now and into the future: 

Understand what it is you want 

All too often, companies dive into outsourced projects without a thorough idea of what they’re actually looking for. Take the time to sit and discuss with your team, that way you’ll go into your project with a sound idea of what you need doing. The right outsourced team will be able to deliver a realistic mapping of how they can make your goal a reality, whilst offering ongoing support to ensure that your site stays functional. Do some research and really look into what it is you want for your new website.  

Find the right talent 

Finding the right people to outsource to can be a bit of a hefty task. There are so many options out there, all at different price points, so it naturally gets muddled very quickly when you first start searching. Again, this is a question of researching and planning in order to get it right first time. To pick the right resource, you should look closely at their previous and ongoing work and current clients. This will give you an understanding of what work they can achieve, and who was satisfied when working with them. 

Consistent communication 

Keeping a clear and consistent line of communication during your development project is absolutely essential. There can be a couple of obstacles in the way when you’re trying to consistently communicate with an offshore team, including different time zones, working hours and availability. Try and establish a set time once or twice a week to ensure that both parties are fully informed on what’s going on throughout the project. 

Be honest and feel comfortable 

It can be tempting to be a little over-polite when it comes to communicating with an outsourced team, but always remember that honesty is better for both parties involved. Your outsourced talent will not benefit from you dancing around issues, only to be told at the end of the project that there’s a tonne of problems. Maintain an air of comfort and honesty for everyone involved, and the project will run smoothly. 

Appoint a project manager 

When working with an outsourced web development team, it’s best to appoint a project manager to oversee all tasks and operations. The manager will be your main point of contact and they will be able to flag any issues or shortcomings throughout the project period. 

Have a contract 

A contract is incredibly important. This secures your project, ensures that your code has insurance and avoids any complications if any plans unexpectedly fall through. It’s always smart to have a contract, but especially when outsourcing web development projects.  

These are just a few ways to ensure that your project runs smoothly. They are also great reasons why to outsource a web developer, by following them you’ll be experiencing all the amazing benefits of outsourcing talent. 

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