How to prepare for a cross-country relocation


It can be a fun and an exciting adventure when moving cross country, but it’s also an undertaking that requires careful preparation. With the right information from this article, you will have everything you need to pack up your belongings, plan for transportation of your family or pets, and successfully move cross country.

Before we move ahead we need to understand what exactly is cross-country relocation?  A cross-country relocation is when someone moves their entire family across state lines to live in another location permanently. It may seem like a daunting task considering all that needs to be done beforehand–but don’t worry! We’ve got you covered! This article will outline what steps are necessary for making sure your move goes smoothly.

Prepare a checklist

A moving checklist is a key to making sure you don’t forget anything! List everything that needs to be done before your move, including packing up all of your belongings, storing the items in your home that are not being moved with you, finalizing arrangements for pets or children that are staying behind, shipping the belongings you’re taking with you to your new home, and hiring a moving company to help you get your belongings across the country.

There are a lot of companies that offer cross-country relocation services in your area. So, that’s another thing to include on your moving checklist. The larger your household, the more services you will need to hire. In addition to a moving company, make sure you find a storage facility that can hold all of your belongings while you’re settling into your new home.

Hire cross-country movers for a moving service

Once you’ve packed up all of your belongings and made arrangements for the items that are staying behind, it’s time to hire a cross-country moving company. You should take some time to look around at different moving companies to determine which one will best suit your needs. Be sure to ask friends for recommendations as well as check online reviews provided by previous customers.

When moving cross country, ask movers some questions about their services. Make sure they provide quotes for both the cost of packing up your home and the actual move itself. If they don’t, it’s likely that they will charge you more when they get there.

Update your address location

Now that you’ve finally decided to relocate your family permanently, updating your address location online is the next step. This will ensure all of your creditors are aware of your new residence information. If you don’t update your address location, your bills will continue to be sent to your old house and won’t arrive at their new residence in time. Additionally, it is important that you update all of your accounts with your new address information as soon as possible after the move has been completed. This includes updating your phone number and address on all social media sites as well.

Keep your valuables safe

If you plan for cross-country relocation, make sure that your valuables are packed in your carry-on luggage. It’s important for you to keep them with you at all times since it prevents any unnecessary accidents like losing or getting stolen. Keep your family’s passports and any other important documents in a safe place. If you have pets, make sure that they are comfortable with traveling in a kennel before your cross-country move and don’t leave anything behind. Pack a first aid kit and your phone charger with you as well.

Choose what to do with your furniture

Furniture is not cheap, so you’ll want to choose carefully what you’re going to do with it before your move. If you have any furniture that needs to be replaced, now would be the time to find pieces that fit your new home decoration. If you don’t like the pieces you currently own, look into donating them to a charity. If you have large, bulky pieces of furniture that do not fit in your moving truck or if they are difficult to move on your own, consider selling them, this will help you earn some extra cash for buying new things in future.


Avoid all unwanted items before move

Before you begin packing, make sure your items are sorted and organized. You should sell, donate or trash anything that is unwanted or has not been used in a year. This will ensure you won’t have to pack those things and move them with you. Another important step to packing involves cleaning. First, eliminate dirt and grime from your belongings by dusting and mopping, then add in disinfectant cleaners to kill germs and any bacteria lingering on surfaces. Make sure all of your bags and boxes are labeled as well to streamline the moving process.

Be cautious and safe when packing

Make sure your packing boxes are not too heavy for you to carry. Heavy items should go on the bottom and smaller, lighter ones should be placed on top. This ensures that the weight of your belongings will stay balanced when you move it. You should pack boxes filled with small, light items at the bottom of a stack and breakable objects in between. This is intended to provide cushioning for your most important belongings. You should always use proper packing materials when it comes to both fragile and non-fragile items.


So, the next time you find yourself moving cross-country, you’ll be prepared and ready to handle anything that comes your way. A little preparation will go a long way when it comes to your relocation. If you’re moving cross-country, updating your address location online with all of your creditors is important.



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