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How to Run an Energy Efficient Household This Summer


The haze over the road. The kids playing in the streets during the day because school’s out. The sound of the ice cream truck and those high temperatures we dreamed about all winter. Summer is finally here and that means one thing: it’s hot. 

Staying cool through the hot, humid days of the summer months becomes a top priority for many of us when the thermometer starts to creep higher and higher. Your windows and doors play a big role in your home’s insulation, which means that updated fixtures are more energy efficient and better at controlling the home’s temperature. 

You can read more about the importance of good windows for insulating your home, especially if you’re looking for ways to keep cool this summer in the most efficient way possible.  As you know, running the air conditioner all the time isn’t a very economical thing to do. 

On top of that, it’s not great for the environment and cuts into energy resources. Want to know how to keep your home cool this summer without AC? We’ve got you covered. You don’t have to turn your house into a fridge to stay comfortable this summer. 

Keep Your Blinds Closed

Can such a tiny modification really make an impact on the temperature in my home when it’s hot outside? Newer models of windows will come with glazing that control the amount of UV light that passes through the glass. 

Still, your window coverings and how you use them also impact how much the sunlight will heat up your home. It’s a simple tip but it can make a big difference. Keep the blinds closed during the day and you can save up to 7% on your bills and even significantly lower your home’s indoor temperature. Pay extra attention to south- and west-facing windows since those get lots of light.

Change Your Bedding

You won’t have to crank up the AC to get a comfortable night’s sleep when you change your bedding with the start of summer. A new set of sheets can freshen up the look of your bedroom and keep things cool in the het, too. 

For the summer months, stay away from flannels and fleece and opt for cotton bedding since it breathes well and stays cool. You can also consider springing for a buckwheat pillow—the material is prone to lots of air space and it doesn’t retain body heat like other pillows.

It’s Your Temperature, Not the House’s

All things considered, air conditioning is a pretty recent luxury given how long people have been on this planet. One key to staying cool is to forget about how hot the actual house is and just focus on your body’s temperature. Keep a glass of icy water nearby at all times for you to sip throughout the day. 

You can also grab a facecloth, dip it in cold water, and then use it as a compress against your neck and wrists. Even the clothes you wear can be strategically chosen. Opt for linens, loose clothing, and breezy t-shirts. Fans can also be a huge lifesaver for the summer when ventilation is so key. You really don’t need an AC to stay cool, and with these eco-friendly tips you can feel good about how you handle the summer.

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