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How to Sell Inherited Houses in Michigan?


Michigan’s real estate industry is continually changing, both in terms of professional landscape and the consumer market.

However, market prices only enjoyed a three percent uptick this year, which makes it relatively challenging to get desired profits when you sell inherited house warren mi and the state, in general, have a median home sales price of $175,000, just $5,000 more than the average home price two years ago.

While the real estate market took a nosedive at the start of the Great Recession, Michigan is currently experiencing 21 percent gains per capita on their GDP.

Take full advantage of Michigan’s rise and keep these questions when you sell an inherited house. Warren MI’s economic recovery may be the best time in the last decade to sell the property.

Should I Hire A Broker?

While hiring a broker isn’t required, opting for one will help you navigate the Michigan neighborhood in searching for potential buyers.

Moreover, brokers can also weed out unwanted buyers by going in-depth about the seller’s background. Finding out profiles of prospective buyers will make the process of letting go of your inheritance easier.

Likewise, brokers are also responsible for the negotiating process to ensure that you are not getting rip off by the buyer.

What Should I Do Before Selling An Inherited Property?

Other than hiring a reliable real estate agent, property owners should also consider the curb of their homes before posting photos online.

Buyers usually judge the book by its cover, so make sure that their first impression inspires them to stop by an open house or schedule a tour.

Invest effort on relatively easy fixes like re-painting the front door, planting colorful flowers, de-cluttering living areas, and de-personalizing the space. Remove family photos, bold artwork, and personal items that might make the home less appealing to the public.

Build a blank canvas wherein prospective buyers can project their visions of living in the place. Also, don’t forget to touch up any scuff marks on wall, doors, or baseboards and fix any loose handles or missing lightbulbs.

What Are Documents Needed To Sell My Inherited Property?

Owners choosing to sell their inherited properties should gather all documents like mortgage information, sale or transfer agreement, a copy of deed, original title report, recent tax bills, and property tax information before listing their homes in the market.

A copy of a lease agreement and proof of deposits might also be needed for owners who have rented out the property to a tenant. Besides that, gather warranty information on any appliances to re-negotiate process and get an even sweeter deal.

How Much Does It Cost To Sell A House?

Several studies show that real estate fees and other commissions can consume up to 10 percent of the sale price of the home.

Usually, the most significant fee a seller pays is the real estate commission. Nonetheless, homeowners can negotiate lower commissions if the home is expected to sell quickly and is located in a robust local market like Warren, Michigan.

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