Winter presents amazing shooting opportunities for shooters using air pistols and rifles, however precautions need to be taken in order for shooters to stay warm and safe. And, this is why we are here today, to share some amazing cold weather shooting tips for all to take advantage of! Here goes…

Cold Weather Shooting Tips


Dress for the weather – When going out shooting in cold and freezing temperatures it is important that you dress appropriately. You should wear many thin layers so you can remove and add them accordingly, ensure your feet, head and hands are warm wearing a hat, gloves and waterproof boots, and ensure you have a waterproof jacket on you at all times.


Be prepared, pack a bag – Before going out shooting in the cold weather you need to pack a bag of all of the things that you could possibly need. You do not only need to ensure that you are carrying sufficient ammo and shooting equipment but also water, food, a torch, a fully charged mobile phone, a first aid kit and anything else that you think you could possibly need.

Do not go alone – There are a lot more risks involved in winter shooting than there is summer shooting so if possible it is beneficial to go out shooting in pairs, avoiding going out along for long and extensive periods.


Plan your trips, know your limits – You should plan your shooting trips before you head out, ensuring you know where you are walking to and how long it is going to take you! Knowing where you are going will not only allow you to get back home in time but will also enable you to pack your bag more sufficiently as you will have more ide of the things that you are going to need.

These are only some of the cold weather shooting tips available too! If you would like even more winter, shooting advice and guidance do not hesitate to contact your air rifle supplier today who will no doubt be delighted to assist you. ere goes…