How to Take Good Care Your Vacuum Cleaner


A vacuum cleaner is an essential tool that works hard to clean your house every time. To make sure its workability, you need to take good care of it. But this “care” not cost so much as it costs during buy a vac or repair it. Anyone can maintain a vacuum if they follow these listed below rules. So, check how to maintain your vacuum cleaner in right way.

Change the bag regularly

Your vacuum’s dirtbag should change on a regular basis. Most of the user change it to the point when they fell its full or stopped working. Don’t weight your vacuum to stop working or give a sign it’s on the limit of capacity. You should change the bag of your vacuum every time use it. Also, don’t forget to clean all the tools you use including the vac body too.

If you have a bagless vacuum, then clean the storage container properly. Dust the excess dirt and rinse it off thoroughly. After drying the washed container place it in the previous place.

Place the container/bag accurately inside the vacuum

Always make sure the bag or container of the vacuum is attached in place properly. Thus you attach the bag often for cleaning, its possible to not attach in its place. If that happened possibility is the vac would collect all dirt, and they roam inside the motor and damage it.

The attaching system of a bag inside a vacuum differs model to model. You should learn it properly, and for that, the user manual helps a lot here. Also, the seller who sold the machine will help you on that too.

The same thing is to go for bagless models. It’s important to learn all the attachment and detachment of brush, nozzle, wand, bag, etc. physically from an expert. If you don’t have the option- YouTube’s tutorial videos can help you with that.

Cleaning the brush roll

Not often but you should check the brush roll occasionally and wash it to maintain its workability.over time this essential tool gets full of hair, string, floss, pet fur, and other dirt. If its loaded it cant roll on and clean a surface properly.

So, check the brush roll after 2/3 times of use, and if anything wrapped around it. You can pull off the dirt or use scissors to cut all the wrapper to remove quickly. For deep cleaning remove the roll from its frame. But we will suggest not doing this part unless you know well how to do it. Because the removing part will be easy but the adding section may not, and it hamper your further cleaning. So, remove a brush roll if you are an expert.

Check the filter & hose

It’s important to check and clean the hose and filter from time to time. If the filter is washable, it will more easy to clean and get the fresh performance every time. Tubes, brush and other upholstery tools don’t need to rinse often. Dry clean those after 3/4 times of use. But once in a month, clean them by soaking in water only unless they are not made of metal. For metal tools dry cleaning or maximum wiping them is ok.


Still, you may face some other problems in future like malfunctioning or motor-dead. If there is anything, you can figure out or solve; take it a repairing shop or contact with your smaller. But trust us, well-maintained vacuum cleaners won’t trouble unless there is a severe problem. So, try to follow all the tips we share lately in here and enjoy regular cleaning, dusting, and wiping with your vacuum cleaner.

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