The success of a trade show is dependent on the ability of the company to reach out to targeted clients. This enables your company to get Return on Investment (ROI) from the money invested in putting up the show. Getting your target clientele assures you of getting potential leads which you may follow up and turn them into actual clients. Services offered by advisory companies may not be fully offered at the show as they may require extensive consultations. The show therefore serves as a meeting point and requires follow up to turn targeted clients to actual clients. We offer you tips on how you can target potential clients at a trade show:

1. Know Your Clients

One of the key strategies to targeting potential clients is understanding your market. This requires that you know your current/existing clients by the specific traits. You need to know which age group are your current clients; which gender makes up the majority of your clients; interests; where they work, places they hang out and their buying and consumption patterns. This data gives you a clear picture of the possible people to look out for during the trade show.

2. Do a Comparison of your Clients with Attendants at the Trade Show

Having a clear picture of whom could be your potential client, ensure that the trade show you want exhibit your products actually has these kinds of clients. Ensure that your client base fits with the attendees of the trade show. Information on the profiles of the attendees of the trade show on the can be found on the website of the organizers of the trade show. You may also do some research or talk to the show sales staff to establish the profiles of the possible attendees. You need to find similar or close traits and patterns as those of your current customers. Consider the possibility that if your client base is made up of working class you potential clients may not be at the trade show on weekdays. If this is the case consider a show on a weekend.

3. Design the Exhibition to Appeal to Your Target Clientele

There is a possibility that the audience at the trade show is made up your potential clients and those who may not be interested in your services. However having known and understood you target clients it becomes much easier to target them. Expomarketing helps you to set up a customized exhibition that appeals to your targeted clientele. For instance if you are offering consultation on security issues you may setup your booth nest to the police booth and ensure that the display at your booth screams out loud the services that you offer. You also need to ensure that the show exhibitors at your booth are well aware of your target client profile.

4. Capture Potential Clients and do Follow-Ups

Attracting the target clients to your booth is not the final step. You still need to capture this client. You can have a visitor’s book in place where potential clients visiting your booth write their names, contacts and the services they may require along with remarks. This will enable you to do a follow-up after the exhibition and make them potential clients.