How to Tell if a Diamond is Real


Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but are also expensive and delicate. Different shapes and sizes cost different amounts and so before a purchase is being made, it is important to know if the stone is real or not. Even if you have any diamond jewellery that has been passed on to you from your ancestors, you can conduct a number of experiments of your own at home to test if the diamond is real or not. 

There are a number of ways women shop for diamonds. These diamond rings for women are available at brick and mortar stores and even online on various websites. If someone is not familiar with the structure and components of a real diamond, then it is easy to get fooled and think that a gemstone is a real diamond solitaire ring when it actually might be a completely different stone like moissanite or cubic zirconia. For this reason, it becomes important to be able to spot a fake diamond. Let us look at this useful guide which will tell us a number of different ways to tell the fake from the real. 

  • The Water test – this simple test requires just a glass and some water. Take a normal drinking glass and fill three-fourth of it with water. Then, very carefully drop the diamond you want to test, into the glass. If the diamond or gemstone sinks, then it is a real one. If, by chance, it floats at the surface of the water or underneath, then you have a fake one in your hands. This is true because a diamond has high density and so this test tells us if the stone that you have, matches this level of density. 
  • The Fog test – to conduct this test, hold the diamond or the ring between your two fingers and gently breathe on it with a puff of air. Because of the heat and moisture in your breath, there will be a light fog that will form on the diamond. If it is a real diamond, then the fog will dissipate right away. But if it takes a few seconds for the fog to dissipate, then the diamond is a fake one. This test holds true because diamonds are effective conductors of heat and hence, they tend to disappear quickly from on top of the diamond. 
  • The Dot Test – for this test, keep a white piece of paper on any flat surface and then draw a small dot on it with a pen. Put the stone on top of the dot ensuring that the flat side is down. Then through the pointed end of the diamond, look onto the white paper. If you notice a small circular reflection inside the diamond, then the diamond is a fake one. If you are unable to see the reflection or dot in the stone, then it is a real diamond. This simple test can be proven because a real diamond has very powerful refractive qualities and hence the light will bounce in different directions rather than in a straight line. This is the reason why through a real diamond, you will not be able to see the dots or anything else that you draw on the piece of plain paper. 


These tests are very easy to conduct and do not require much. Now that you have a basic idea of how to test if a diamond is real or not, do not let anyone take you for a ride the next time! It is always better to be safe than sorry. 

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