As far as first world problems go, having a spare room with no use can be quite taxing. Sure, it could be an extra bedroom for guests or it could be the junk room where you put all of your out-of-season clothes and old gym equipment, but maybe there’s an even better option. Maybe you could turn that spare room into your very own home casino where you and your friends can play, chat and have fun whenever you like.

The Vibe

Anyone who has ever visited a brick-and-mortar casino is sure to understand what we mean when we say there has to be a vibe. Most importantly, there must be an atmosphere of fun, otherwise, what’s the point of having the room in the first place? However, there are a few other factors you may want to consider. For instance, some research suggests that dim lighting promotes risky casino play such as putting in more chips during poker, while bright lights cause players to be more on the guard. It’s up to you which lighting you pick, but it’s definitely something to consider.

The Gear

Depending on which games you are going to include in your casino room, chances are you’re going to need a few different pieces of equipment. First and foremost, you’ll need a few card decks and some chips as most casino table games like poker and blackjack cannot be played without them. As for furniture, you can use a regular dining table to play at if you’re happy to do so, but if you’re going to make your casino look realistic you may need to take it a step further. Fortunately, there are plenty of online tutorials you can use to build your very own DIY casino tables for a variety of games.

The Rules

Even if your ‘casino’ used to be a regular garage, there still needs to be rules for when friends and family come over to play. For example, during each visit, one person should be labelled ‘the bank’ and trusted to handle all money-related matters, hand out chips and ensure no one is going overboard when it comes to blinds. By ensuring a responsible individual is in charge of this, there is less possibility of any uncomfortable situations.

The Fun

Finally, what makes your home casino different from regular land-based establishments or online platforms is that you get to decide how you and your comrades have fun. Your casino is unique from any other casino in existence, because there are no time limits, no social stigmas and, most importantly, you can order (or make) pizza or grab a glass of whisky whenever you please. As long as you’re surrounded by good friends, good vibes and good games you are sure to have a great time

There you have it: the easiest ways to set up your home casino in just a matter of days. Goodbye spare room, hello fun! So, what would you put in your very own home casino and who would you invite? Let us know in the comments below.