A lot of men are not able to distinguish signs of sympathy in their address during the first communication, often even the most obvious signs remain unspotted, leading to a missed opportunity. It also often happens that men do not understand what actions result in interest and what causes a complete opposite impression. For this reason, in this article we will tell you about the main nuances that will help your recognise female attraction. These have been prepared with the help of the busty escorts, who are not only smart and stunning, but are also great in psychology and relationship building.


  • Lady smiles so much that the lower and upper teeth are noticeable. If lines of her face are softened and weakened, it may well be a strong sign of attraction;
  • She makes her lips slightly pouted and stuck out;
  • If she licks her lips with a tip of her tongue and touches fore teeth with it, then she is showing even more obvious signs of sympathy.


  • She touches her hair too much and makes it slip through fingers;
  • She looks at you, while at the same time winding her curls on a finger;
  • If she touches her hair a lot, it is a clear sign of attraction, which is not natural in a normal behaviour.


  • The girl looks at you with interest, and her eye pupils become wider. It is a sign that says about natural interest;
  • Raised eyebrows, concentrated look and smile are also factors that designate sympathy;
  • If this is not the first time you have met, she speaks with you more than usually. At the same time her eyes blink constantly out of attraction;
  • Smile and little wing of eyebrows is a certain sign of interest. 


  • Her voice goes down or raises depending on your intonation;
  • The girl adapts to the rate of your speech;
  • She laughs together with you sometimes even too much;
  • If in the company her attention is concentrated only on you, she is clearly attracted and it is time to make a move.


  • If she comes to the meeting in very revealing clothes, she is attracted to you and wants the same back. If even her nipples are noticeable, she wants it very fast;
  • The girl constantly thinks of her clothes and how she looks, caring for the appearance;
  • The girl is dressed very elegantly and it is noticeable that she has spent a lot of time.


  • When an opportunity arrises, she tries to touch you with her hand or wrist;
  • Lady touches your cheek, showing a certain connection and sympathy between you;
  • Touches all objects on a table or plays with them, which is a sign of nervousness that comes from attraction;
  • She twists a ring on a finger or holds an earring.

When she sits:

  • Hops, looking at you;
  • She is relaxed and feeling comfortable with you;
  • Her legs are not crossed and on the contrary, moved slightly apart;
  • Makes any unnatural movements and behaviours that indicate interest or attraction;

Essentially, we advise you to pay attention to the main external signs. Look at what is her reaction to touches, whether she is trying to touch you, whether she laughs a lot. According to busty escorts, these are the three of factors that most obviously speak about her interest towards you. However in the process of communication, her body language can change meaning a change of mood or views. That means that you have done something wrong or you maybe just taking it too slow on the contrary. However, if it looks bad, in that case, it is better to end communication and not waste your time.