The steam iron is used in the arrangement of clothes, and the sheets are wrinkled after washing or folding, as they were limited to dry cleaning shops, but they are now in the houses, in suitable sizes and small, because the steam touches the cloth and maintains its softness and speeding the ironing process. Use steam iron, cleaning methods, and maintenance.

How to use a steam iron

There are two main types of steam irons, the first is the steam iron, which is similar to the ordinary iron, and vertical steam iron in which the clothes are fixed, which are suspended vertically, and both types follow the basic steps that we will mention the following:

  1. Filling the water tank according to the instructions of the product. Some models have a removable tank and the other models can not be removed from the tank, paying attention to the filling line which indicates the maximum amount of water to be poured in the iron.
  2. Check the garment label; to determine the necessary setting for the quality of the garment fabric, and set the appropriate iron temperature level for the garment.
  3. Put the clothes on the ironing table, and the clothes with pressure on them lightly, and press the steam button, and there are types that do not contain the steam button; because the device releases steam automatically.
  4. When the ironing is finished, empty the iron from the hot water, then leave aside until completely cooled.

Tips when using a steam iron

Preferably use clean water to fill the tank iron, and avoid using scented or deodorized water; to avoid the appearance of stains on clothing.

Black clothing from the inner side of the cloth; to protect the fabric color.

Do not pull the iron out of the plug before pressing the fire button on it.

How to Clean a Steam Iron

The iron is needed for regular and continuous cleaning because the water used causes the accumulation of mineral deposits and lime, which causes weak steam pressure, causing stains and dirt on the clothes when ironing. The following are the most important steps to be followed when cleaning the steam iron:


Clean the iron with toothpaste by rubbing it on the iron iron to get rid of accumulations and water deposits, then wipe it with a wet cloth, then dry it well.

Sprinkle equal amounts of water, white vinegar into the iron tank, then steam steam and water through the iron holes; to get rid of the dirt and sediment stuck in it.

When any plastic plasters are attached to the iron, it is recommended to heat them, then pass them over an appropriate amount of coarse salt, then wipe them with a clean cloth.

Cleaning the irons

Some of us are not very proficient in the use of irons, and are not good at ironing clothes properly, and despite the care that seems to us during this delicate task, most of us are in serious mistakes sometimes, such as putting the iron on the carpet is hot or leave it for a long time on clothes, And the surface becomes dirty, resulting in clothing damage and contamination of the surface of the iron. In this article, we will mention how to clean the surface of the iron with materials available in your home, and in simple steps.

Cleaning methods of iron

the salt

Salt is a substance that helps to clean metal surfaces, burns, or rust. Therefore, before you start cleaning the soiled iron, follow these steps:


  1. Disconnect the iron from the iron, and remove the burned tissue from the surface of the iron before cooling and becoming more closely aligned.
  2. Use a pair of wood tweezers to scrape the small pieces of melted fabric, and remove all the fabric from the surface of the iron or it will cause you many problems.
  3. Sprinkle a few tablespoons of salt on a soft cloth, then rub it on a flat surface.
  4. Heat the iron until the temperature rises, then pass the salt back and forth until the signs of burning gradually disappear.
  5. Turn off the iron, wait until it is a little cool, then wipe the surface with a damp cloth to get rid of the effects of the burning fabric on the surface.


Vinegar helps to clean the soiled surfaces in the kitchen, because it can dissolve fat, remove stubborn dirt, but in the case of contamination of the iron with burnt cloth or nylon, vinegar will help clean the surface by immersing a piece of soft cloth with sufficient vinegar, then wipe the surface of the iron Until the dirt completely disappears.

Salt and baking soda

You can use a mixture of salt and vinegar if your previous attempts fail to clean the surface of the iron; dip a piece of cloth in this solution, then wipe the surface of the iron several times until the tissue adheres to the surface of the iron and automatically begins to disappear, repeat the cleaning several times So you get satisfactory results.

Clear liquid

Clear liquid is a high alkaline detergent, which is used daily to clean various types of fat, so you can use it to clean the surface of the soiled iron simply, until you get a clean iron again.

Oxygen water

Water oxygen, or hydroxide is a chemical liquid used with pigments to lighten the color of hair, which is strong enough to remove such stains, so you can dipping a piece of cotton cloth in sufficient quantity, and then pass the iron is heated on the surface of the cloth, The material with patches attached to the surface of the iron, begins to melt gradually.


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