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How to use Acrylic Glass


Acrylic glass has many uses, for home projects and in industry alike. Acrylic glass is also known as Perspex (or Polymethyl methacrylate) and is easy to handle, easy to process, and is available at a low cost. It is a transparent thermoplastic and is often known as a type of glass. More accurately, however, one can call this substance a substitute for glass. This glass substitute has numerous uses in multiple industries. For starters, it is used to build walls for safety such as around hockey rinks or to enclose aquariums. The glass substitute protects the viewers from what is inside the plastic walls. For hockey rinks, the viewers are protected from the puck while for aquariums the viewers are protected from the water and aquatic animals. Perspex is also widely used in many areas of transportation. Airplanes use the glass alternative in order to build windows on the aircraft, submarines use the substance in order to build viewing ports, and police cars often use the glass alternative for windows in case there is a riot. This is because the sheet plastics are much less prone to shattering than normal glass is. If a rioter is attempting to sabotage the police car, they are not able to shatter the sheet plastic window. Another use of this glass alternative in the transportation industry is for the exterior lights on cars. Some plastic surgeons use the substance in their practice. It has even been used as hybrid rocket fuel! However, ranging from tanning beds to eyeglasses, these sheet plastics has many practical uses as well. Acrylic glass is used in tanning beds in order to separate the tanner from the hot bulbs in the bed. This substance is slightly different from the usual glass alternative. The alternative used in tanning beds allows the UV rays to travel through the. In eyeglasses, the glass alternative is used for the lenses. People are surrounded by this material in their everyday lives. Some women may even have it on their fingernails as the substance is often used for fake nails.

Perspex also has many uses for home projects. The possibilities for do-it-yourself projects with this material are endless. One can make rings, fish tanks, eating utensils, chess boards, phone stands, tissue boxes, desks, and even scooters. Since dyes can be added and fillers can be added in order to make the material even cheaper, people can get really creative with this particular material. It is strong, tough, and lightweight. With a density of half the density of glass and good impact strength, it is no wonder this material is utilized for such a wide variety of products. Many crafters like to use this material because they are able to heat it up in an oven to manipulate the shape by protecting their hands with felt and working quickly as the material cools rapidly. All in all, there are endless uses for this substance that was created in 1928 and brought into the market in 1933.

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