Sex could be one of the most fulfilling activities any human could be involve in. Some people view the act as a way of relieving stress, enjoyment, or for mere pleasure. An exploration into the sex world has lead to the invention of sex toys. There are various reasons why one would choose to add sex toys into their sex life.

Sex toys, especially Male Sex Toys, have often been viewed negatively. It’s rare to find someone who openly talks about these toys or is proud to be in possession of the items. Finding someone who candidly walks into a sex shop solo or with their partners is not a common thing. Sex toys can be used solo during masturbation or with your partner to spice up your game.

Male sex toys are designed for use by both heterosexual or homosexual males. They work by stimulating the penis, prostate or anal area. Although these toys have not been in use for long, compared to female toys, they are gaining popularity fast. These toys are available in vibrating and non-vibrating varieties. The various examples include artificial vaginas, pleasure pillows, extensions, penis sleeves, masturbators, prostate massager, butt plugs, cock rings, and more. Some like the artificial vaginas give the sensation of real vaginas and mimic heterosexual intercourse. These are great for going solo.

Some like the penis sleeves, cock rings, and prostate massager can be used with a partner. The partner can be either female or male.

Masturbators are mostly made from very soft materials giving the impression of a female body. The user can visualize a real female when using them giving the realistic penetration sensation. Some of them are handheld while others are hand free. The appearance and shape vary according to user’s preference. Performance enhancers, such as cock rings increase the time a man goes until reaching climax. This will give your partner more time to enjoy sex.

The use of these sex toys are known to improve one’s sexual stamina, allows one to bring fantasies to life, enhances intimacy and helps improve orgasms.

These toys are mostly made from materials such as glass, latex, rubber or plastic which are body safe, durable and easy to clean.

Try adding a sex toy to your game to add that extra zing for you and your partner.