How To Wrap an Exhaust


Get more out of your UTV by shopping for aftermarket systems and wrapping your exhaust. Explore the pros and cons of exhaust wrap and why you should purchase the best exhaust systems and other UTV parts online to get more out of your ride.

Wrapping your exhaust insulates it. It’s ideally used to avoid excess heat emitting from your exhaust pipes around your engine and air intake. Channeling all that hot exhaust to the rear of your UTV keeps the intake air cooler. Exhaust wrap is typically made with fiberglass, but there are also steel wrap alternatives.

For some, wrapping exhaust pipes is unnecessary. Wrap doesn’t offer the same altered features as a new exhaust system or engine tune up. It could also damage your pipes and void your warranty, so consider these factors before moving forward.

Start your exhaust wrapping project by assembling your tools and materials. You’ll need wrap, tie clamps and the right tools to remove your exhaust. Always wear gloves when handling pipe wrap. Prepare your project by removing your exhaust pipes and cleaning them thoroughly. Soak, spray or moisten the exhaust wrap to give it more flexibility. Tightly wrap your pipes and use the wrap clamps to keep it firmly connected to your exhaust.

Why Buying UTV Parts Online Will Save You Time

The process of wrapping or replacing exhaust systems for UTVs is relatively straightforward, but there’s a secret to making it even easier. Ordering the right parts and accessories online allows you to prepare for the project without leaving your garage. Check out the best components, compare customer reviews and chat with a qualified technician to be sure you’re ordering the right stuff. Ship it straight to your garage at fast, affordable rates.

Why These 3 Exhaust Systems for UTVs Are Some of the Best

Don’t waste time with subpar exhaust systems. Go for the best with one of these three highly rated exhaust system options.

A new single exhaust system is a great way to improve the qualities of your OEM system. Shop for a system that uses the same design for a simple swap. Look for stainless steel, aluminum or another quality material for a long-lasting, lightweight exhaust.

Dual systems give you maximum horsepower and air flow. Some UTVs come standard with a dual exhaust, while others need to be retooled to fit these impressive systems. A dual system gives you the race-ready performance you need for high-speed adventures.

Finally, a replacement muffler is an affordable alternative to a full system. Create the sound profile and airflow you want without spending the time and energy on a full system replacement. Be sure you choose a muffler that fits the dimensions of your existing system for a hassle-free swap.

Upgrade your off-roader with a new exhaust system, exhaust wrap and the best tires for side by sides. Set the tone for your off-road adventures and give your friends something to be jealous about with a quality exhaust system. Tune-up your engine and get more airflow out of your exhaust for the horsepower and sound profile you deserve.

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