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How You Can Put on Your Duvet Cover?


Duvet Cover is used in most of the luxury hotels as well as at home all throughout the world. It is universally recognized now as one the most easy-care options for bedding of our home.

Following are few reasons of international popularity for duvet covers:

  • Duvet cover can be easily washed in washing machines and can protect an un-washable duvet or dry-clean-only comforters.
  • Without changing look of the room, you can change warmth of the bedding and so easy it is to change your comforter for various seasons.
  • By changing your duvet cover like quilt covers you can easily give a fresh look to your bedroom in most affordable way.
  • While folding and storing for future use, your duvet covers will take very little space in your linen closet.

We are sharing three different easy ways of putting on duvet cover that you can do all by yourself!

How you can put on duvet cover

By following the steps given below for different duvet cover methods for stuffing, your duvet must be stuffed in such a nice way that it will lay perfectly flat inside your duvet cover.

  1. The traditional way


  1. Lay your comforter flat just on top of the mattress.


  1. Take duvet cover and then turn it inside out. Now insert your hands just inside and find two top corners. In each hand, you are now holding one corner.

  1. Keeping your hands in the duvet cover, try to reach for grabbing top two corners of your comforter.

  1. By holding tightly its top two corners, flip duvet covers right-side out over your comforter. Offer little shake/fluff until your duvet cover will fall down for covering most of your comforter.

  1. Now pull your duvet cover down. Then stuff the bottom of comforter’s two corners inside your duvet cover‘s bottom two corners. Zip it up once everything is aligned.

  1. California roll way

  1. Turn the duvet cover inside out after taking out from the dryer. Lay it on top of the bed. Duvet cover’s opening must face away from the place you are standing.

  1. Place your duvet or comforter on the duvet cover’s top.

  1. All edges and corners must be aligned neatly. The end result will be better if more they are aligned to one another.

  1. Stand opposite of duvet cover’s opening once aligned, and start rolling the comforter and also duvet cover. Ensure they are rolled simultaneously and adjust its edges while rolling.

  1. Grab roll’s one end after everything is fully rolled up. Stuff the roll of comforter inside by using the duvet cover‘s enclosure. Continue with motion across the complete roll.

  1. Now zip up your duvet cover. Position your California Roll on your bed in such a manner that the enclosure of zipper and the bottom of bed is aligned.

  1. Start unrolling. Your unrolling motion must be mixture of pulling and unrolling apart duvet cover from its roll.

  1. Just offer few shakes to duvet cover and you are done.

  1. The nova way


  1. Start with your Nova duvet cover by laying it atop your mattress, keeping zipper side up.

  1. Now unzip the zipper of duvet cover and lay your comforter top of your duvet cover.

  1. Starting with its top corners, stuff your comforter inside your duvet cover at a time one corner. Secure the comforter as you progress at each corner along with Nova’s interior corner ties.

  1. When each corner will be secured and filled, shake your stuffed duvet cover till the comforter gets evenly distributed.

  1. As the comforter gets even inside duvet cover, then zip the cover right up.

  1. Straighten and smooth duvet cover and you are done.

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