If a special occasion is coming up and you are scrambling for what kind of gift to give your mother or girlfriend or sister or wife, then think about giving them a themed gift basket. The beauty of such a gift is that it can be suitable for all kinds of occasions. This includes Valentine’s, holidays or anniversary gifts.

Try and be fun and creative when putting together the gift basket. Here are some suggestions of themes and things that you can put into the basket.

Busy Mom or New mom

When gifting a new mom or a busy mom, keep in mind that the things that you give them should focus on rejuvenating them, helping them take care of themselves or beautifying themselves.

Some of the things you can put in the basket include a gift card to a salon or beauty place, where they can get a massage or their hair done or nails done.

Also consider putting in something like lotion, nail polish, perfume and even some scented candles.

Baby items

If the woman has a new baby, you can put together some baby items in the hamper. This includes jarred baby food, formula, diapers and some baby lotion or baby cream. You can also put some clothing items like mittens, socks, a hat, vest or even a dress or pants or onesies.

Sweet Treats

Sweet treats can also be a great way of getting someone into a good mood. For instance, you can include some non perishable treats like chocolate and some hard candy. You can also include retro sweets, which can help bring back some old memories for the recipient.

Dried fruits and nuts are also a good addition to such a hamper. You can also throw in some popcorn, raisins and banana chips, as long as they have been properly sealed.

Grains and pasta hamper

Cereals can be quite inexpensive, so do not overlook giving these. They are quite important as they can go a long way when it comes to planning meals for an individual or a family.

Some of the cereals you can put into your hamper include rice, pasta in different types and colors. You can also include breakfast cereals, such as oatmeal and porridge. Include cereals that can be taken with or without milk.


If the person likes to bake, show your appreciation for this by giving them stuff they can easily use to bake.

Cake and pancake mixes that only need for water to be added before they can be cooked are a good choice.

You can give them decorating supplies they can use to decorate cakes, cookies and other stuff they have baked. You can also give them measuring spoons and cups and even potholders.

You can also give them a jar filled with nuts, which they can use to bake or even raisins and chocolate chips.

Coffee hamper

If the person likes coffee, this would be the perfect gift. Include supplies they can use to make their own coffee easily. This includes different types of coffee, a coffee mug, a refillable travel mug, powdered milk and even some chocolate bars.