When we drive a car through the diverse climatic conditions, it is the combination pf some mechanisms that keep the car going. One such component that makes a huge contribution in maintaining the engine temperature moderate and manageable, is the car cooling system. The importance of car cooling system will come to our notice, when we drive through extreme hot places. The system helps maintain the engine keep its cool and not burn from excessive heat. So, it is quite understandable, what havoc can get created in our car, if the cooling system starts malfunctioning.

The experts who serve at the Morehead City Chevrolet dealership say that a failing cooling system in a car can often lead to its breakdown. Before something such unfortunate takes place while you bare on your way, driving, here are some symptoms that the experts told us to check on, to identify if your car coolant system is in trouble.

The most commonly noticeable symptoms of a failing coolant system is car overheating, a sweet smell of anti-freezing indicative of coolant leaks, and frequent need oftopping up the coolant can.

How the Cooling System Works

The cooling system of the engine plays a significant role in reducing the heat that gets generated in the engine during the combustion process. If the temperature exceeds 200 degrees the heat needs to get dissipated, failing which all the engine components will start failing. The major parts of the cooling system are responsible for removing the heat from the engine and the transmission attached to it throwing the air outside. The coolant gets circulatedby the water pump through the engine. On the other hand the coolant absorbs the heat and returns it back to the radiator that helps the heat get dissipated. The thermostat is yet another component in this system that helps in regulating the coolant temperature and keep it consistently even for an efficient operation of the engine.

Coolantflush and fill are the two basic parts of the cooling system maintenance in which new addition of the antifreeze helps in making the engine run cooler while the flush contribute in removing the dirt and sediment accumulated can damage other cooling system parts.

Checking the Coolant Level

The level of the coolant reservoir needs to be checked on a regular basis to keep the system running. That will in turn, keep the engine running as well. But the expert team of the Chevrolet dealer near Morehead City warns every motorist never to open a hot radiator cap. One should stop the car completely, wait for some time to allow the systems to cool down, then open the hood and touch the system. If the coolant level lies lower than usual, then they are recommended to add a 50/50 mixture of approved antifreeze component with distilled water to the system to keep the system cool.

The experts further alerted us about any steam coming out from under the hood or of any hissing sound or smell, that is a sure shot symptom of an overheated engine which is the result of a malfunctioning cooling system.