The Importance of Vaccinations When Travelling


Going on a holiday or travelling with friends can be fun. It gives you some time off from the stress you may have accumulated at work, or even in life outside work. While a beach vacation or a mountain expedition sounds relaxing, what happens if you fall ill or spike a fever? That can be a real pain, and it could turn out more serious if you come home sick or worse, pass it on to your family. Vaccinations are here for a reason and if you ever had any doubts about their viability and effectiveness, now is the time to reconsider. Do some research on how you can travel healthy and return raring to step back into your day to day life.

Why You Should Get Vaccinated

Studies have shown that people travelling from developed countries to those that are less-developed have a higher risk of acquiring certain illnesses, including typhoid, hepatitis, chickenpox, measles, mumps, and more. This is why travel  doctors are determined their patients get the recommended shots in plenty of time prior to their scheduled departure dates. Of course, eating well and drinking plenty of fluids help somewhat in staying well, but when heading to countries that are endemic for diseases, like dengue fever, cholera, hepatitis A, and others, more preparation is needed. Getting vaccinated specifically for the diseases prevalent at your destination is an important step in that preparation.

What Happens If You Don’t

Avoiding the influenza vaccine, or any vaccine for that matter, can make you more susceptible to diseases, especially the ones that are no longer common at home. Also consider that vaccines must be administered in the correct timeframe, since some might need time to fully take effect. Ensure you book in for your appointment to discuss the recommended vaccines and travel health measures with your doctor or physician well in advance of departure. You can check with Travelvax or visit one of their clinics to learn more about looking after your health when travelling internationally. TravelVax provides complete health care services for travellers.

Where You Can Get Help

There are some modern travel applications that make monitoring your health easier – you can download these and check how the plans might apply to you. You could also research the place you’re visiting through the Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade website, smartraveller. It is a good idea to register your travel through the same site. Lastly, visit a travel clinic well ahead of time. Make it a habit to prepare for all aspects of your travel and not be casual about it – consequences can be long-lasting. TravelVax offers help for holiday and corporate travellers, as well as travel agents. They provide information on different kinds of vaccinations as well as their benefits.

We hope this article is helpful for your international travel plans. Remember, you need to make the proper preparations to stay safe and healthy overseas: Don’t forget to eat the right kind of food, drink plenty of clean water, exercise and be aware of your own safety and security. A healthy body is your friend when travelling overseas – even your travel doctor would give you this advice.

You might need vaccinations for Vietnam or other destinations on your itinerary. We’re here to help – give us a call on +61 3 0036 0164 today to learn more about your recommended vaccinations.

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