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Important Lessons to Teach Kids in the World of Face Masks


Now that the “new normal” requires the wearing of face masks every time people are outdoors, there are things that could change. Others might not complete their skincare routines anymore because nobody will see their face anyway. Masks also hide a smile, but this should not inhibit them at all.

These changes could be the perfect time to teach children some important—but easy-to-understand—life lessons. These lessons can help them when they’re older, especially with how they treat themselves.

“Out of Sight, Out of Mind” is a Recipe for Disaster

Face masks cover half of the face, but people shouldn’t neglect taking care of the covered half. Even if nobody sees it, the littlest of things are still going on in the skin and the teeth.

There is no guarantee that face masks can block harmful rays from the sun. In fact, dermatologists recommend wearing sunscreen while spending time indoors. This is how notorious these rays are. To be sure, it’s best to apply sunscreen even though half the face is covered. This way, the skin stays protected from cancer-causing rays from the sun, aging, and hyper-pigmentation.

The teeth may be out of sight, but bacteria still persist in the month. Oral hygiene still needs to be practiced, especially by kids who may not know better. Maybe, for them, they’d sneakily skip brushing their teeth because nobody will see anything under the mask. Some might not like visiting the pediatric dentist and will use face masks as an excuse.

Teaching them not to follow the “out of sight, out of mind” mentality prevents a lot of problems in the future. Children’s teeth, for example, can turn out crooked or have cavities on adult teeth—if they are left without proper dental care. This teaches responsibility at an early age because they are encouraged to do specific things that could be easily ignored.

You Don’t Need to Look Good for Other People

There is an unfortunate assumption for people who love looking like they’re about to slay the runway: they do it for others. People think that others wale up, do a full-on self-care routine, and pick their best outfits so that others can benefit from it.

The truth is that dressing up well—in clothes that resonate with one’s style—improves their self-esteem and confidence. “Enclothed cognition” happens when the person’s behavior is affected by what they wear. A study found the people, when wearing doctor’s coats, had increased attention span that when they didn’t wear it.

An individual adopts certain characteristics of the clothes that they are wearing. For example, wearing pajamas to go to a coffee shop can make someone feel at home and act like they’re just lounging in their living room. This is why putting on lipstick is still beneficial even though no one will see it under the mask.

Emphasizing this to kids will help them let go of prejudice, especially for people with quirky styles. This will also be a step in breaking gender stereotypes, especially in clothing. Most of all, this teaches children that they should put on their favorite outfits for themselves and not think about what other people think of them.

Do Things for Yourself

Just because a person’s smile is hidden behind a face mask doesn’t mean they shouldn’t smile. Even though smiles can’t work their contagious powers, their benefits to oneself are still effective. Smiling boosts the mood because it sends signals to the brain to produce the happy hormones. It’s a simple way to trick the body into embracing positivity.

In the same token, people often forget about themselves because of various reasons. Others put their work first because they have bills to pay. Others think about the welfare of other people before themselves. While these are completely justifiable, a person shouldn’t forget about themselves.

For example, overworking can lead to stress, and this can ripple throughout health and wellness. Stress can compromise the immune system and cause long-term diseases. By putting oneself first, people are taking care of their bodies—physically, mentally, and emotionally.

It’s crucial to teach this to kids, especially with how fast-paced the world is becoming. This will help them realize that they owe it to themselves to take care of their bodies.


At an early age, it’s best to crush prejudices that can be problematic as they grow old. It’s true that these are the little things, and these may not help them survive on an island alone. However, these life lessons will help them keep their sanity and well-being intact as they go about society.

Meta title: The Face Mask Era Has a Few Life Lessons

Meta description: Face masks cover the face. They hide people’s makeup, smiles, etc.. People shouldn’t forget that these things still have benefits, even if they are hidden.

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