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Interior Design Trends Everyone Must Watch Out For In 2021


As the capital city of Victoria, Melbourne has become one of the most densely populated cities in the state. This part of the country has a higher demand for housing due to its widely diversified economy. Because the city becomes the base of some of the largest companies in Australia, people choose to live here and build their lives to take advantage of the growing economy.

Melbourne also has some of the most renowned cities in the country due to its numerous tourist attractions. Locals and tourists enjoy spending time at the Melbourne Zoo, Luna Park, and the National Gallery of Victoria. The city is also known for its distinctly Victorian architecture, which is noticeable in its commercial and residential buildings.

Because of the interesting exterior look of most houses in the city, more residents choose to invest in the services of companies that provide interior styling Melbourne. While the residential styles in the city were patterned from classic architectures, homeowners are shifting towards a more contemporary look for the interior design of their house.

Here are some of the interior design styles that Melburnians may consider if they intend to work with experts in interior styling Melbourne in 2021.

Trend #1: Rustic Vogue

If you want to keep the rustic appeal of their home but plans to inject modern comforts would love this new trend. It works well in houses with dramatic features like panelled walls, classic floorboards, and exposed beams since it will look great when balanced with new accent pieces.

Trend #2: Cottagecore

Because of all the events that happened in 2020, more homeowners choose to find comfort in surrounding themselves with nostalgia. This desire to make the house look cozier made cottagecore interior design style surge in popularity nowadays.

According to an article from The Guardian, cottegecore is the lifestyle and visual art movement created to objectify the beauty of the outdoors since most people were stuck inside the house due to the quarantine restrictions. Interior designers can incorporate it in a home in Melbourne by adding elaborate vintage barber, golden statement accessories, and gilded cutlery.

Trend #3: Distant Shore Trend

Since everyone got stuck at home, it is easy for people to daydream about having tropical getaways where they can live a laid-back lifestyle. This need prompted the rise in the popularity of distant shores-inspired interiors that provide relaxing and calming living areas.

Aside from the traditional floral design, this trend also uses subtle monotones, bright tropical colours, and soft lemony hues. It also features Hawaiian-inspired accents like wall arts.

Trend #4: Vintage

Vintage will never grow old in Melbourne’s interior design pegs. The stylists will continue using antiques and repurposed and salvaged pieces and turn it into interesting accents inside the house.

But for 2021, the stylists will do a “less is more” approach when using vintage items in interior designing. They would want to gradually establish the vintage style inside the house by picking select pieces instead of using every antique found in the market.

Making the interiors of the house more aesthetically pleasing could be one of the leading priorities of Melburnian homeowners in 2021, after dealing with almost an entire year indoors this year. So make sure that you will look for a trustworthy interior designer in your neighbourhood to help you improve the looks of your home in the coming year.

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