Interviews for beginners: The classic fashion faux pas’


There has been a lot of research conducted on first impressions over the last few years, and it’s for very good reason. Some sources have suggested that it just takes seven seconds to make your first impression – and after that all is lost.

When it comes to something like an interview, these seven seconds can make or break your career. Your fashion choices are one area that can shape this elusive time period – and this is what today’s topic is going to concentrate on.

Bearing this in mind, the rest of this post will look at some of the typical interview fashion faux pas’ that are made by those hunting for their next job.

You underestimate the company culture

As we all know, a lot of companies seem to be becoming more relaxed. Office culture is changing – but that doesn’t mean that interview requirements are as well.

Even if you know that a particular company is regarded for its casual atmosphere, taking this approach to an interview is risky at best. It’s something that can suggest you are a bit too overconfident for the role, while some hiring managers may even believe that you’re not really taking it seriously.

A general rule of thumb is that overdressing always trumps the alternative, so take a look at these Head Over Heels products to get started and really make that first impression.

Blazers don’t mean the rest of your outfit is inexcusable

Blazers are something that have well and truly come into fashion over the last few years – and this applies to both sexes. However, don’t for a moment think that just because you are donning one of these, you are allowed to wear whatever you want beneath.

It again relates to the overdressing rule that we have already spoken about. Jeans and a blazer aren’t enough here – you need to take the job seriously and this means going the full way with a suit.

Don’t go overboard with perfume or cologne

So far, the mistakes we have documented relate purely to clothing. The next topic is perfume or cologne, and making sure that you don’t smoke a hiring manager out when you walk into a room.

There’s nothing wrong with arming yourself with a pleasant scent; it’s certainly better than the alternative! However, there are limits, and if you go too far with this it might prove to be too overwhelming for some interviewers. Worse still, some might even have allergies to these scents.

The same rules apply for makeup

Again, there’s nothing wrong with a touch of makeup here and there, it can sometimes be just the trick to spruce up your appearance. In general, you need to be keeping the natural factor. Plastering on makeup can give the impression you are trying too hard, whilst also making an impression for the wrong reasons. Let’s not forget that your main aim here is to look professional; you don’t want it to look like you have just completed a night on the tiles!


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