Pet owners tend to dread the time where they have to leave their pets in a boarding facility. Whether they stay just for a night or for an extended period, it is natural to feel a little worried about your pet’s safety. There are several horror stories about pets being mistreated when left in a boarding facility, but thankfully there are ways to know if the kennels are safe or not. 

How? Here are some things every pet owner must look into before booking their pet’s stay at a boarding facility: 

#1 – Climate Control

The best pet boarding Apex NC facilities take climate control seriously. Unlike us humans, pets cannot say when they feel uncomfortable due to heat. The tendency is for them to get dehydrated or even suffer from a heat stroke. Other times when the temperature is too cold, pets can easily get sick or even catch pneumonia. 

Double check that the kennels have excellent climate control facilities to ensure your pets stay comfortable during their stay. 

#2 – Emergency Care Facilities

Sometimes an accident may happen and a pet will require emergency care and treatment. Ask your local kennel if they have an emergency room and an on-call veterinarian in case an animal requires immediate care. It will be a bigger bonus if the boarding facility has an on-site vet 24 hours a day. 

#3 – Separate Feline And Canine Areas

Cats and dogs that are not familiar with each other tend to be on edge when they are placed in the same room. If they are forced to sleep in the same area, your pets will feel stressed during their entire stay. Ask if the pet boarding Apex NC facility has separate rooms for cats and dogs if not, it is best to keep looking. 

#4 – Single Spaces

Not all pets are comfortable with sharing their space with strange pets, most especially if your pet is an only child and reigns supreme at home. If this is the case they might not feel comfortable in kennels that allow pets to roam around freely. Ask staff members if they provide single kennel enclosures and they must reassure you that your pet will not be placed with other animals unless you have requested it. 

#5 – Cleanliness

It is a must to see that the kennels are sanitary and fit for housing your pets while you are away. Kennels that are dirty and smell bad can get your pets sick or infected with some disease. Be very careful and check that the facility meets or even surpasses the industry standards for sanitation. 

Your Pet’s Best Interest

Choose a boarding facility that will offer the same amount of care and comfort that you provide for your pets on a daily basis. It is best to trust professionals who are passionate animal lovers as they will not only provide shelter for your pets while you are away, they will also make sure that your pets enjoy their stay.

At Harmony Animal Hospital, our primary goal is to provide top quality pet boarding Apex NC services. Contact us today for more info.