James Feldkamp Discusses Domestic Terrorism in the United States


Through past terrorist acts and reporting in the media, including fake news, the stereotypical terrorist is now a young Muslim man. However, according to counter terrorism expert James Feldkamp, the white American male is actually a far greater threat than a Muslim foreigner. This is as a result of a significant increase in domestic terrorism in this country.

James Feldkamp on Domestic Terrorism

Since the inauguration of President Donald Trump, for more American people were killed by white American men than those who were killed by Muslim foreigners or terrorists. This is interesting, particularly when considering one of the first things president Donald Trump did when in office was to impose the so-called “Muslim travel ban”. This travel ban did not stick, as people felt it was highly discriminatory, but it provides a clear example of a fear that is perhaps directed in the wrong direction.

 As a counterterrorism expert, James Feldkamp does want to make it clear that radical Islamic terrorism is a real risk to public safety in this country.  However, examples such as the Las Vegas shooting in October 2017 make it clear that the issue is not solely around ISIS-inspired groups and organizations. There have been numerous examples in 2017 and all of white American men kiilling dozens of people and injuring hundreds more. Right wing extremists, which are generally home-grown individuals, kill far more Americans than their Islamic terrorist counterparts. Of concern is the fact that far fewer right wing domestic terrorism act were foiled than what actually took place. The same is true for left-wing domestic terrorist attacks, of which there were an almost equal number of successful incidents as Islamic terrorist acts. Yet, almost 3 times as many Islamic terrorist acts with foiled than what took place. Not just that, many of the radical Islamic terrorists are also home-grown.

 Including the 9/11 deaths, the chance of an American being killed in an act of terror that was organised by or participated in by an immigrant is 1 in 3.6 million. Indeed, it is statistically more likely that an American is killed by a toddler with a gun or even by their own piece of clothing. Yet, no clothing has been banned yet, nor is anybody any further forward with gun control and legislation.

 According to James Feldkamp, there is a risk that people are being driven by fear of the Muslim immigrant who has come to cause death and destruction. At the same time, some of this fear is justified because it is certainly real and true that Islamic terrorism is a huge threat to public safety. But he wants people to be aware of the fact that they are coming dangerously close to simply being islamophobic and forgetting to look at dangers right in their own backyard. Unfortunately, the world does not seem to be a very friendly place right now and it is vital to at all times remain vigilant.

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