Joe Tacopina discusses working as public defender


Joe Tacopina is a criminal defense lawyer and attorney who is rated as one of the best lawyers in New York. Joe currently defends criminals who are being prosecuted and is renowned as one of the best attorneys in New York.

Getting into criminal defense law and becoming a lawyer in this field is a very difficult task, there are far less jobs than people wanting to take them, so this competition means that newly qualified attorneys will have to get their experience elsewhere. One way that they do this is by working as a public defender. The job of public defender is frowned upon by many wannabe attorneys and some love the ethics and morals behind it.

The job isn’t glamorous you defend a lot of low level criminals who run from the police whilst hiding their narcotics, sometimes guns or knives are found on them not always licenced guns. Your job is still the same you have to research the case, speak to witnesses and decide whether the prosecution can prove beyond reasonable doubt that the defendant did what he is being accused of. It is your belief as an attorney that everyone deserves a fair trial and especially that this should not be determined by money. The right to counsel has existed in the United States for over three hundred years and there is no need for it to change now.

Some enjoy this job for ethical reasons knowing that their clients would not get a fair trial as they could not offer you a suitcase full of money to get them the best support in town. These attorneys will work just as had as any other because they believe in what they are doing and that they are doing it for a good cause. The defendants may be guilty but so might those who have lots of cash and can pay for the best representation, some do not believe that this should be called justice.

You will still work the long arduous days from 6am to 8pm and get very little thanks from your clients. There will be some though that will really surprise you with their gratitude. Unfortunately, these days the majority are members of gangs, that have got into issues with drugs and they are constantly resisting arrest and making things harder for everyone.

There is one thing for certain though you will gather invaluable experience, you will see first hand just how the court and justice system works. You will research real live cases and present your full arguments to the jury. You will have victories and losses and you will experience the whole system.

This will also stand you in good stead for future employment, an employer knows that you are dedicated and responsible enough to take on the role of public defender. They will know that you have gained invaluable experience, that you are mature, serious and determined and this will make you a good candidate for a job in their practice/ The work has paid off and you have now made it to the next step of the ladder.

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