Joseph Cianciotto in New York on What Makes a Great Advertising Campaign


Advertising is how we introduce products and services to the public. Depending on the product or service, and advertising campaign and cost tens of millions of dollars and run for years. Nearly all of the products that we, when she does to us through some sort of an advertising, which attests to the power and effectiveness of these marketing tools. Advertising campaigns are designed to answer a sweet of specific questions. Here are some of the core questions that advertising campaigns are designed to answer.

Does it Position the Product or Service well?

A great advertising executive like Joseph Cianciotto in New York will always position the product or service that it features in a clear and positive way. Advertisers spend the bulk of their time focusing on making sure that the product or service it is promoting, is done so, in a way that its positive attributes are highlighted. This is accomplished by having the advertising campaign focus on the product of services unique and hopeful aspects and the benefits it provides for those who purchase and engage with it. Every element of the advertising campaign should focus on this aspect, including how the product is presented within the campaign and how potential customers are asked to engage with the campaign.

Does it Resonate With its Target Audience?

Quite often products and services are created that are not an obvious fit for its desired target market. This is where an advertising campaign can make so much difference in the success of the product or service. A great advertising campaign will make the connection between the product or service and the target audience in such a way that it resonates with them. Advertisers use different tactics including comparing the private service to other products or services that the target market is currently using, and engaging celebrities or other influencers to provide a connection with the product or service. The goal is to make the connection for potential customers as seamless as possible allowing them to engage with the product or service easily.

Does it Cause its Target Market to Take an Action?

 Advertising campaign should have a goal of making the target market taking action. Typically this action is to purchase the product or service, but it could also mean to raise the awareness of the brand, product or service, and respond to it at a later date perhaps even for the purchase of a different product or service under the same brand. This taking an action component of an advertising campaign should always be kept at the Forefront of an advertiser’s mind. It should be a major factor in determining every component of the advertising campaign and should be communicated to every person working on the campaign. In the end this specific focus will be the one that makes the difference between the success or failure of an advertising campaign.

It is Memorable?

A great advertising campaign is one that is effective, causing the target market to respond positively to the product or service. It should also be memorable and develop a connection between the product of service and the potential customer in such a way that it lasts over time.

 Some of the greatest advertising campaigns are very familiar to people decades after they have ran.

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