Jungian Psychotherapist – Therapeutic Conversation and the “Rules” of Intimacy


Jungian psychotherapist is a two way thing. This means both the therapist and the client possess the same power. Jungian psychotherapist considers clients as mutual partners in the psychotherapy process. The relationship between a therapist and a client must be as intimate as possible. This is because some clients are , for most times, not comfortable with an authoritarian.

The rules of intimate conversation are listed below:

  • The two parties share information about the subject matter.
  • Both parties should be free and ready to learn from one another.
  • Either party is ready to shift ground based on a new perspective learnt from the one another.
  • The both parties are at liberty to share information and in a sincere way without any reservation or fear of scolding, attack, libel or being humiliated.Image result for Jungian Psychotherapist - Therapeutic Conversation and the "Rules" of Intimacy

These rules guide an intimate conversation and the same rules also apply in psychotherapy.  The major difference is that the conversation center around the life, experience and general well-being of the client. However, the conversation begins with the client who must first share the foundation on which the conversation will be built on, after a solid foundation has been laid, both the therapist and the client, with combined efforts, examine and analyze the main point of the conversation. During the course of the conversation, the two parties involved share information and relate their perspective to each other.

As they embark on the journey together the two participants bring different areas of knowledge:

  • The client has the detailed information about the history and feelings that surround the events discussed, and will know the solution that will work best to effect a change. The client has a sound knowledge of the history of the subject been discussed, thus placing the client in a perfect position to share honest and sincere information to create a progressive course for the discussion.
  • The therapist has theoretical knowledge and knows what people will usually do. Also the Jungian psychotherapist has great knowledge about several similar situations that other people have experienced. The therapist also knows the solution that worked best for different situation.

During the course of the conversation,  the parties involved discuss from their own forte, they both gain new understanding and knowledge about the subject matter. The therapist and the client must work together if any progress is going to be made about the subject matter (the client’s complications), joint effort will increase the pace of the conversation  and will also determine the speed at which a solution is found.


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