Key Question to Evaluate a Domain Name


After all this, what now? That’s the hard time. A good way to start evaluating your domain name is to examine more than a few components, and check how they work for your domain name:

  • Is the brandable domain name (or a compound word), or is it an exact match domain?
  • Whatdomain extension has with your domain name?
  • What is length of your domain name is?Too short, right or too long-winded?
  • Yourdomain name has type in transit? If you don’t know, can you make a guess if that happens?
  • Isthe domain name of an English derived word?
  • Does the domain name have the grammar?
  • Isyour domain name pointing to a website? When that happens, what age of that site is, and what type of ranking is in search engines?
  • What traffic is at this domain names?

Other things to keep in mind

In many cases, it would be the real owner of domain name to have a domain that does not have profanewithin it (except it is a domain of a common word, which has value of 100% of the time). They are generally looking disapprovingly upon by search engines, which cater for all ages – including kids. Also, they may be limited to just one drop in the categories of nerve sites – like pornography or other non-censored, risky and extreme niches.

Dictionary compound words (common, easy to remember brand names created by combining two verbs or nouns) are precious to be “brandable.”

In contrast to the previous point: brandable / “confectioned” domain names of speech (for an example, something like “CrazyTree”) have usually more worth than how much you have paid for them. You should develop this brand, promote a real audience in social networks, and then sell the entire package.

No matter how some extensions of “useless” domain names are perceived (such as .mobi, .me .biz) – it can still be useful to someone out there. It will always be difficult to sell anything that is not the “original three” domain extensions in the aftermarket. It is hard but not impossible. You can use Regnames to improve your domain name service.

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